Fintech firm shares 4 factors to consider when looking for lending services

(Press Release)

Looking for lending applications and services may be tedious given the many options on the table. To ensure you find a responsible partner that meets your spending habits and goals, TALA shares four factors to consider:

  • Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Make sure to only include authorized lenders in your options when borrowing to keep yourself safe from unfair collection practices. TALA is an SEC-registered online lender that ensures safe and accessible lending through its mobile application.
  • Clear payment terms. The lender should explain the terms of payment. No formal loan contract opens the borrower to abuses like extra charges. With TALA, borrowers only need to pay a one-time fee depending on the term of the loan. Simple, transparent, one-time fees that do not accrue or compound over time.
  • Uncomplicated requirements. Avoid falling prey to dangerous schemes like ‘sangla ATM,’ where borrowers are required to give debit cards as collateral. Credit should be quick and easy, especially if it is for emergency use. TALA only asks for a picture of you with your government-issued ID which will be used to verify your application and identity.

Tala employs best practices for data privacy and security, including world-class SSL encryption, and champions for consumer protection globally.

  • Accessible repayment record. Lenders should help you keep track of your amortization. TALA helps you track your payments by sending a confirmation to your registered mobile number within 24 hours after you repay. In addition, you can easily check your loan balance by clicking on ‘View details’ on the Home Screen.

When it comes to loans, it is important to find a company that you can trust. As a member of Fintech Alliance, TALA seeks to empower the financially underserved using its proprietary technologies, which encourage responsible borrowing while preventing over-indebtedness. At the same time, the lending app consistently educates customers through its ‘Learn’ center, which includes articles related to loans, savings, business, and general expenses.

“Credit access is important for Filipinos, especially at this time, and can be a powerful tool for building financial health if leveraged responsibly. At TALA, we’re committed to designing products that accelerate our customers’ financial health and help them use, protect, and grow their money,” says Shivani Siroya, TALA founder and CEO.

TALA, a global financial technology company trusted by 6 million worldwide in enabling and accelerating financial health, expanded to the Philippines in 2017 and now has 1.6 million Filipino customers.

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