How TikTok helps people keep the community safe while still having fun

TikTok has launched a global initiative with the aim to better understand young people and their engagement with the possibly harmful challenges and hoaxes. The short-form mobile video platform also intends to learn how to develop more effective responses to better support teens, parents, and educators alike.

New resources and features are being introduced in the mobile app to further support a safe community. First, a resource for TikTok’s Safety Center is dedicated to addressing online challenges and hoaxes. Second, improvements to warning labels and public service announcements are being implemented, including improved use of the language in warning labels.

“At TikTok, we love seeing the joy, connection, and inspiration that our platform brings to millions around the world,” TikTok said in a statement. “Fostering an environment where this creative expression thrives requires that we also prioritize safety for our community, and especially our younger community members.”

TikTok facilitated a poll of over 10,000 teens, parents, and educators from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, the U, and Vietnam.

The results of the study served as the basis for TikTok’s safety program. It also led the app to further strengthen its protection efforts. First, alarmist warnings would be removed as the research showed how self-harm hoaxes, even is shared with the best intentions, could affect the well-being of teens. Second, TikTok has expanded technology that could help alert safety teams to sudden increases in violating content linked to hashtags.