TikTok gives away a free round-trip to Seoul through a new dance challenge

TikTok users have the chance to win a free round-trip to Seoul, South Korea (travel date post-pandemic). The popular short-form mobile video-sharing app has teamed up with the Korea Tourism Organization to bring the #IYKoongChallenge to local TikTok users.

“The pandemic has significantly impacted the tourism industry worldwide, including Korea,” said Korea Tourism Organization President Ahn Young-bae. “Through the #IYKoongChallenge on TikTok, we hope to unite people across the globe, and we look forward to welcoming them back to Korea when it’s safe to do so.”

Groove to the rhythm of Korea and express creativity to generate an entry. Here are more instructions: 1) follow Korea Tourism Organization’s official TikTok account (@imagineyourkorea); 2) short an ‘Ambiguous’ dance in your own style to LEENALCHI’s amusing song and include the official challenge sticker (check out the dance guide here); and 3) upload your masterpiece onto TikTok with the hashtags #IYKoongChallenge, #FeelTheRhythmOfKorea, and #ImagineYourKorea.

Selected entries from the Philippines and other countries will compete with each other in an explosive virtual dance-off to be broadcasted via TikTok Live on December 5, 2020. Participants will fight for a chance to clinch the top three spots and win a trip to Seoul after the pandemic.

More than 1,200 viewers from around the globe are expected to tune in to that livestream, with live performances from female KPop group ITZY, alternative pop band LEENALCHI, and Ambiguous Dance Company.

Aside from this dance challenge, TikTok and the Korea Tourism Organization have also collaborated with Korean Webtoon artist Park Tae-jun to produce a set of exclusive, in-app animated stickers. Those stickers symbolize Korea’s five tourism hub cities—Busan, Jeonju, Gangneung, Andong, and Mokpo—and allow users to immerse themselves in those cities virtually via their TikTok videos.