Twitter reveals 84% of Filipino users read tweets before shopping online

(Press Release)

With just a few clicks and taps, Filipinos can now conveniently and safely shop using their phones. Every month brings excitement and surprises as #ShoppingDays such as 7.7, 8.8, and the recent 9.9 sale give the best deals and offers.

The hype on these shopping days rings true on Twitter, the hotspot where people actively express and share #WhatsHappening around them. In fact, people are talking more about shopping in Southeast Asia, garnering over 53 million conversation volumes from January 1, 2020 to June 20, 2020.

These conversations matter as they are the very testimonies of Filipinos about their online purchases and trends. Just by being on Twitter, brands get a chance to see and join these conversations that can help drive and amplify their campaigns, especially during #ShoppingDays.


Here are key three trends to help brands win on Shopping Days in the final months of the year.


1. Good conversations are good news.

When someone Tweets a positive review or experience, it’s somehow a recommendation about the brand. Good conversations spark activity to consumers, compelling them to search for more information about products, promotions, and even a brand’s advocacy.

In the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia, having reviews (51.3%) and lots of “Likes” or good comments on social media (37.4%) are just some of the key features people are looking into that would increase the likelihood of purchase. Shoppers on Twitter don’t just want free deliveries or coupons, they want an idea, a relevance, and a good conversation about the brand or its offers.

2. Online shopping is life.

The pandemic entrenched has shifted and accelerated the shift to an online-focused lifestyle. As a result, online shopping is not just a chore or activity but has now developed into a habit among consumers.

84% of Filipino on Twitter revealed that the pandemic brought about their online shopping habit, purchasing online with the past 6 months. Moreover, 31% of them shared that they have bought online more than 10 times already, and it seems that the hype will not waver as avid shoppers prefer online stores, Hence, brands may consider staying logged in and connected where their audiences are.

One example is from UNIQLO Philippines. They stay true to their cause in providing high-quality and everyday clothing that suits everyone’s daily needs. With the help of social media, like Twitter, for example, they are able to reach a bigger and wider audience who are looking for essential clothing that fits their lifestyle demands.

3. Becoming smarter shoppers

Filipino online shoppers on Twitter are unique for their receptiveness. Before buying anything, they take the first step in discovering more about the product and they value the sentiments of their fellow buyers. In fact, 22% attested that consumer reviews on Twitter helped them decide what to buy.

Benefits, price, or function are not the only factors that these smart shoppers consider. 76.7% of shoppers who search for more information about a product are exposed to advocacy. A brand that is vocal and true to the advocacies they champion has great leverage among Filipino shoppers on Twitter.

Connect with #WhatsHappening

The community of Filipino online shoppers is vibrant and bustling. People Tweet to ask for recommendations, share their tips, and other topics that make shopping days more exciting. It’s not enough to just look at what they do or what they talk about.

To deliver success around #ShoppingDays, brands can leverage Twitter’s Launch Formula:

  1. Listen: To be effective, campaigns must be relevant and to be relevant, brands should first listen. Listen on Twitter and find out what their target audience is thinking, interested in, or talking about.
  2. Tease: Brands can proactively start a conversation with their audience. Use this as a way to establish and tighten the relationship and generate interest before introducing a new product/service.
  3. Reveal: This is the time for a brand to release their product or service to the market, and to build brand awareness.
  4. Reinforce: Often the most overlooked step is to nurture conversation with consumers. This helps to keep the brand top of mind, generate purchase intent, and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations.


“Despite the impact of Wave 3 of the pandemic, our research found an increase in optimism amongst Filipinos towards global economic recovery and personal financial situation. This is leading to more frequent online shopping with 31% of Filipinos on Twitter shopping online more than 10 times in the past 6 months. And of these avid buyers, over one-fourth are now spending more online than they do in-store,” said Martyn U’ren, Head of Research APAC & Global Export at Twitter. “Moreover, these conversations on Twitter in the Philippines play a key role in sparking consumer action. Tweets with good reviews, plenty of Likes, and good engagements are powerful in driving awareness and growth.”

 With a number of key #ShoppingDays upcoming in the calendar, visit to find out how to leverage Twitter to join in the conversation today.