vivo V21e brings lag-free user experience through Extended RAM technology

(Edited Press Release)

Modern smartphones get more sophisticated than ever as a competition among brands continues to escalate. This prompts global smartphone brand vivo to design and create a device that can truly multitask and do so in style!

You’ll surely rave about vivo’s recently released V21 Series that includes the vivo V21e. The device stands out with its revolutionary 8GB + 3GB Extended RAM that can facilitate a virtually lag-free experience for users.

This consumer-driven innovation allows vivo V21e, an 8GB phone, to readily “borrow” an additional 3GB of virtual memory space from internal storage and use it for RAM. Like the virtual RAM concept on desktops and laptops, the technique allows the V21e to function like a high-RAM phone at no extra cost to the user. It runs as if it were on 11GB of RAM, giving the operating system and apps more memory to use, and the user plenty more reasons to smile about.

With the vivo V21e, you can simply just enjoy the phone and let its magic work quietly in the background.

Just passively enjoy how it feels just right, grasping your hand at its gorgeous 7.38mm width. You can also admire its smooth finish and color in variants of Roman Black and Diamond Flare (Ultra-thin AG glass).

Do what you do even better with the vivo V21e giving you powerful and trendy ways to work and have fun.

As for the phone’s remarkably massive 44MP front camera with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), along with a powerful 64MP rear camera, plus amazing graphics processing, users can have a top-notch fun experience in photography, even in low light conditions. Equipped with Super Night Selfie, Dual-View Videos, and Motion Autofocus, professional-looking portraits, and Instagram-worthy photos are just a few finger taps and screen swipes away.

The V21e also runs on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G, a powerful game-centric, 8-core chipset, taking users to meet a lag-free gaming experience.

The show must go on with the vivo V21e.

With 4000mAh battery, users can go on a full day with a single charge. It helps that the V21e boasts AMOLED displays with HDR10+ certification, plus a huge 4000mAh battery, with 33W Flash Charge. The phone is so energy-efficient that all it needs is a fully charged battery to last a day.

At a price of just Php17,999, the vivo V21e is available at all vivo kiosks and stores, as well as at vivo’s official Lazada and Shopee stores.