Lifestyle: Here’s a new product that can help women enjoy good night’s sleep

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When you look at how much time you spend life in numbers, sleep takes an average of 26 years. That time is supposed to be spent in relaxation. But when you’re on your period, it’s a different type of sleep.

Period days are tough, but period nights are even tougher. You’re not awake to react to any gushes or leaks. So, you rely on tricks and compromises to protect you, hoping you can relax long enough to fall asleep. You wake up the next morning and hope that your bed sheet didn’t suffer from leaks. Sleeping positions are calculated. One wrong move and you start the morning with a trip to the laundry area.

But should your comfort zone feel like a battlefield? Surely you deserve a better defense against tagos.

Not to worry! Because the best weapon against period anxiety is here. You can now #HingaLangGirl with Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights — your armor against leaks at night. No need for nighttime tricks and double pads. Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights are equipped with Deep Anti-Tagos Channels and thousands of airflow vents. It provides the presko pahinga you need at night, since it’s longer than your daily pad and has an 88% wider back.

One of the best things of using the Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights is you get to experience first-hand the same presko pahinga sleep that the Presko Squad loves!

Kyline shares, “Do you get that feeling na hirap and parang hindi ka comfortable gumalaw when you sleep at night kapag may period? Can really relate to that. Kaya naman I’m the happiest when I discovered the Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights!”

Maris goes through the same struggles as Kyline, “Going to sleep pag may period, I always encounter tagos and hindi free and pag-galaw. Buti na lang I can #HingaLangGirl and have the Presko Pahinga feeling with Whisper!”


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Leaks are the last thing a girl like Francine should worry about when on her period, “From being Presko all day, I also have to make sure na I have Presko pahinga all night when I’m on my period. Thanks to Whisper Breathable Cottony nights… I don’t have to worry about tagos habang natutulog!”


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Sleep is precious to celebrities like Andrea. So, Whisper helps provide her the respite she needs for period nights. “It is also longer and has 88% wider back pa siya kaya super perfect from sleep hanggang paggising!”


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Since Belle switched her night pad to Whisper, she has less worries about her mornings. “Because of the Deep Anti-Tagos Channels and thousands of airflow vents. I don’t have to worry about my sheets when I wake up.”


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A dancer like AC deserves a relaxing sleep too, “I always encounter tagos and hindi ako free gumalaw because of my worry that my pad will not work for me. Buti na lang I can #HingaLangGirl and still have presko sleep with my newest discovery.” Good thing she found Whisper.


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And our newest Presko Squad member, Marielle, she’s just as excited as the other girls of the Presko Squad and looks forward to presko pahinga nights. “After switching and being a member of Presko Squad I always have the presko feeling all day, ngayon naman, wala na akong fear to have period every night because of Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights!”


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With Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights, every girl is ready for night battles just like the Presko Squad. Are you prepared for your period night sleep?

Give yourself the protection and presko pahinga sleep at night so you can #HingaLangGirl when you try the Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights. Check it out now in Lazada and Shopee.