10 giant global brand logos with surprising hidden meanings

Do not be surprised. Many of your favorite brands’ logos are filled with subliminal messages that are cleverly hidden in their elements. This is why a logo is more than just an artistic representation of a company name; it is a carefully and creatively crafted symbolism that aims to instantly win your brand loyalty.

The golden arches in the McDonald’s logo obviously stands for the letter ‘M’ in the brand name. But in the 1960s, psychologist and design consultant Louis Cheskin advised against a planned redesign of the logo saying that the golden arches are subconsciously associated by customers to a pair of ‘nourishing breasts.’

Take a closer look at Wendy’s brand logo. Have you noticed that the word ‘mom’ is actually spelled out in the girl’s collar? The fastfood chain aims to send the message across that its menu features entries that are similar to mom’s home cooked meals.

The ice cream specialty shop is best known globally for its 31 flavors. Thus, the number ‘31’ prominently appears in the logo. The number 31 also signifies Baskin-Robbins’ intention to entice its customers to try one flavor each day of the month. At the same time, there is a larger BR letters that stand for the company name.

Hershey’s Kisses
There are actually three kisses in the official logo of Hershey’s Kisses. The two kisses are prominent. Can you see the third one? It is creatively planted between the letters ‘K’ and ‘I’ in the logo.

Mondelez International’s popular chocolate brand subtly features a silhouette of a white bear in the mountain. The bear is associated with Bern—Switzerland’s ‘City of Bears,’ where the company is based.

The popular logo of the No. 1 car brand in the Philippines today is actually a stylized image of a needle eye with a thread passing through it. If you are wondering what the needle has to do with Toyota, it represents the company’s past: it used to be a manufacturer of weaving machines. Aside from that, the individual parts of that logo can also spell out all the letters in the brand’s name.

South Korean car brand Hyundai’s logo features the image of two people (representing a company agent and a client) shaking hands. It is not just about the letter ‘H.’

BMW used to be involved in the aviation technology. But the German luxury automotive brand’s logo does not symbolize rotating airplane blades. Instead, it is a creative take on the flag of Bavaria, the specific area in the country where the company was founded.

The three-pointed star in Mercedes-Benz’s official logo represents the brand’s dominance in style and quality over all machines in land, sea, and air. The tri-star also makes the company the most confident of all.

The consumer goods brand incorporates symbols of all its businesses in its new logo. Can you identify all?