Makers and Shapers: Canva reveals designs that defined 2020

From business navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, through to the catastrophic natural disasters that ravaged the country, the global community of 40 million Canva active users has designed and shared everything from social media posts to online presentations—to amplify, educate, and inspire people with their message.

The global graphic design platform has released its ‘Makers and ShapersReport for 2020. One of the most notable highlights is how many Canva users have used the portal to make logos or art designs for their side hustles or online initiatives in the year that paved the way for such activities. In the Philippines alone, about 3.3 million logos were created in the year, while in the entire world, over 65 million logos were designed on Canva—that’s over 7,400 new logos designed and created every hour worldwide.

Find out how visual communications have helped Filipinos and other users across the globe have reached their goals amid many issues during this interesting year.