Canva launches suite of Presentation products for the modern workplace

Canva is now the only platform bringing the whole design process together—empowering teams and workplaces regardless of size in any industry. The global visual communications site has formally announced a suite of new features for Canva Presentations, its flagship workplace product. This is aimed at helping professionals and teams achieve their goals while keeping productivity and staying on brand.

The company said it is heavily investing in its Presentations, touted as a product for workplaces across the globe. The new suite of features was designed to support an increasingly digital world as teams and workplaces adapt to a new hybrid model of work.

“Now more than ever, teams and workplaces around the world need scalable, collaborative, and easy-to-use visual communication products to empower them to achieve their goals,” said Canva Co-Founder and CEO Melanie Perkins. “The launch of Presentations gives workplaces of all sizes a unique, flexible collaboration product that makes work feel like play. I’m incredibly proud of our rapidly growing global team as we work together to empower the world to design.”

In a press release, Canva said the work suite features are backed by its powerful collaboration tools as well as its rapidly growing content library of over 9,000 professionally designed Presentation templates and over 100 million ingredients for design—including photos, videos, audio tracks, and illustrations to help commence any project.

Outstanding suite features

Here are some of the Presentations features to check out:

Workplace Templates – allows users to start inspired. Create a polished presentation—from business plans to pitch decks, training manuals, and status trackers.

Talking Presentations – empowers remote presentations. Teams can now record a presenter video accompanying every slide and be able to land every point, every time.

Canva Live – makes engaging presentations effortless. Users can now engage the audience anywhere in the world with live Q&A displayed on the screen during the session.

Mobile-First Presentations – brings the power of Canva Presentations on the go. Teams can now create a deck, share it, and comment and review from anywhere.

Magic Shortcuts – facilitates surprising and delighting the audience. From ‘C’ for streaming confetti to ‘D’ for a live drumroll, presentations just got a whole lot more interesting.

Charts and Infographics – simplifies data storytelling. Users can now visualize complex data with beautifully crafted infographics and animated charts. Live data integrations will come soon.

One of the fastest-growing software firms

The launch of the suite coincides with Canva’s announcement that it now has a valuation of about US$15 billion after receiving a recent investment of US$71 million. This affirms the company as among the fastest-growing software companies in global history, exceeding the $500 million annualized revenue this year.

Canva has quickly become a collaboration platform of choice for teams and workplaces in over 190 countries. It now facilitates the creation of over 600 presentations per minute, boosting productivity and collaboration across leading brands. Presentations has become its fastest-growing use case with over 250 million created so far, leading up to 85% of Fortune 500 companies embracing Canva.