Contact center firms observe safety standards during earthquake

How safe are employees in the workplace when calamity strikes? The recent strong earthquake that jolted Luzon served as a wake-up call for all employers and building administrators to religiously implement standard procedures during such unexpected occurrences.

The local contact center sector is among the employer-groups that assure observance of safety procedures when earthquakes happen. The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) President Jojo Uligan has released this statement:

“The Magnitude 6.1 earthquake that jolted parts of Luzon on April 22 served as a gauge on how prepared local contact center firms are for such an inevitable calamity. Based on the monitoring of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), most of our member-companies have not reported any untoward incidence during and after the earthquake. Our member-firms have also observed safety procedures to ensure the overall safety of everyone in the workplace.

Companies have publicly assured the safety of their staff during and after the earthquake and just like most other businesses that observe safety standards, our member-companies reported having coordinated with their respective building’s Property Management Office, which is tasked to assess any structural damage, after evacuating employees and prior to allowing people to return to their work stations.

CCAP assures its stakeholders and the public that it is always upholding safety standards especially during times of calamities and situations when general security is compromised.

As the organization has always been emphasizing, our people are the greatest asset in our business and operations. Thus, we continuously guide our member-companies to unrelentingly prioritize overall safety and security in our workplaces as well as guarantee the welfare of every individual within our rosters.

Furthermore, our member-companies are ensuring that their respective network infrastructure and equipment remain in a reliable condition to facilitate continuity in operations following the earthquake. This way, any unnecessary disruption will not set in to affect any operational function.

CCAP and our member-companies are always ready to provide immediate assistance and support to our agents and other staff during any dire situation. Thank you and we hope each of us will remain safe and sound.”

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