Relieve boredom and stress quickly with these easy, fun web games

It’s the time of the day! No matter how passionate and dedicated you are to what you are doing, there are minutes or hours of the day when the physical and mental energy slows down. The level of stress and the pressure in the workplace could be catching up on you.

It’s not bad to take a quick break. Taking coffee or some snacks would do. But when there is still some time left to spare to revitalize your system during a break, it would be advisable to have some quick fun. And that is when those online web games would surely help. On a hectic afternoon, we tried playing some simple games online and got surprised at how we were able to shake off some stress while having absolute fun without leaving the office table!

If you fail to manage this inevitable occurrence in the daily grind, you would realize that your productivity is getting affected. Recharge your mental and physical energy by winding up and playing around without going out of the workplace or even your desk. Sit back and enjoy any of these simple, yet very fun games that Tech and Lifestyle Journal recently discovered at


Protect Emojis

Only you can save Happy! If you are fond of using emojis to express your mood and feeling throughout the day, this game is the right one for you. Want to protect your Happy emoji? It’s relieving and fun to know that you can possibly do so.

Just draw green ball lines above the emoji/s to block any falling object, especially the balls and you are good to go. At the same time, it would be a challenge to prevent the emoji from falling or touching spikes. The game gets harder as you progress to a higher level. Be ready to get really hooked without getting stressed and pressured. Just for fun!

Coco Monkey

The monkey goes nuts, with coconuts! Before you go nuts, take a quick break and enjoy this simple, yet challenging and fun game from The goal is to help the monkey go on despite the obstacles for him to get that delectable banana.

Just shoot those coconuts at the spikes to make temporary platforms so the monkey can pass through. Movement is done through the keyboard keys indicated. There’s more to those coconuts. Convert those to arrows by jumping on them. Use the arrows to build a ladder to climb or knock that banana into a place where it could be easily reached. Sounds simple? Game on!

Fight Virus

Don’t get too stressed out by the still ongoing pandemic. Try playing this hospital simulation game that would make you get on with that feeling of actually getting rid of the virus.

Just clean up the green virus whenever, wherever you see it just by clicking on it Click the patients in the medical checkup area to get them tested for the virus. Click on the patients in the hospital beds to help them get quick recovery. Don’t we all wish life’s this easy? Just relax and have fun!