Infinix takes mobile gaming to new heights with the all-new HOT 30 Series

(Press Release)

Infinix officially launches the HOT 30 series, which includes the HOT 30 and HOT 30i models. The HOT 30 series has undergone significant upgrades to its processor, screen, fast charging, and video features. These upgrades make it a leading gaming phone with superior screen quality, powerful performance, and the fastest charging capabilities in its class.

Built for mobile entertainment

Infinix recognizes that young people often use mobile gaming to relieve stress, but ordinary cell phones often provide low image quality, high heat generation, and unstable network speed, causing inconvenience and annoyance. To address these issues, Infinix has introduced the HOT 30, a reliable and high-performing gaming phone that offers high image quality, low heat generation, and strong network speed for a sublime smartphone gaming experience

The HOT 30 is equipped with a strong and power-balanced Helio G88 processor with an 8-core architecture design containing two powerful ARM Cortex-A75 cores with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz. This ensures that games run faster and smoother. With up to 16GB of expandable memory, the HOT 30 doubles the performance of the physical 8G memory, enabling faster loading times, and supporting up to 18 applications to be opened simultaneously.

In terms of software features, the HOT 30 integrates the highly optimized Dar-Link 3.0 gaming engine, which provides intelligent sensing of load scenarios and stage-specific matching of cooling strategies to guarantee 3D game stability. The HOT 30 also supports Link-Booming network optimization technology for multi-network concurrency, with WiFi and data working together to keep players connected during critical moments. The XArena gaming space is specially designed for gaming fans, with cool icons promoting a gaming atmosphere and an easy-to-spot real-time game status, creating the perfect environment for smartphone gaming.

Powered for the day

Smartphones not only require powerful performance but also long-lasting battery life. The HOT 30 series addresses this need with a 5000mAh battery that can last throughout the day. In addition, the HOT 30 offers the exclusive Power Marathon power-saving function, which enables the phone to stand by for a whole day or operate continuously for 2 hours at the 5% limit. This feature ensures that users can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience while on the go.

For gamers who need a quick battery boost during critical moments, Infinix has equipped the HOT 30 with 33W fast charging technology. This charging technology is about 2 times faster than the previous generation, enabling the phone to charge up to 55% in just 30 minutes. With the combination of a 5000mAh large battery and 33W fast charging, the HOT 30 is an ideal choice for epic weekend group gaming sessions and can support avid gamers until the end.

Experience ultra-bright gaming in style

To deliver an immersive gaming experience, the HOT 30 boasts a 6.78-inch perforated screen with a 1080P high resolution, 90Hz high refresh rate, and 270 Hz touch sampling rate. The screen has excellent clarity and coherence, with timely touch response for rapid micro-operations. It also includes self-developed dark area display enhancement technology, making outdoor display clear and bright, with a maximum brightness of 600nit and a color gamut of 96% DCI-P3 for vivid visual performance when viewing photos and videos.

The HOT 30 is designed with a light aesthetic on the back that creates dynamic shadows that provide a unique sense of liveliness unlike any other phone on the market today. The side fingerprint is sensitive and efficient for convenient phone unlocking. The HOT 30 also features a slim body with a dual-speaker design and DTS technology, providing a three-dimensional surround sound effect for immersive viewing and gameplay. Other practical features include NFC, and more, making it a comprehensive flagship model.

Crystal clear optics

The HOT 30 is equipped with a 50-megapixel main camera lens featuring a larger F1.6 aperture, providing greater light intake, along with a multi-frame overlay algorithm that enhances night shot quality and offers a range of night filter styles. These features make it an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts, whether capturing moments on busy city streets at night or stunning landscape shots. The HOT 30 also includes a film mode, providing a lot of editing templates, which allows users to easily capture their vlogs without editing, soundtracks, or transitions by themselves.

With its competitive price and exceptional gaming experience, the HOT 30 series is expected to make its mark on smartphone gaming in 2023. Infinix is committed to providing fast and comfortable experiences through affordable top-of-the-line game phones, accessible to today’s youth.


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