JobStreet shares tips to achieve work-life balance in the new normal

(Press Release)

Working from home is here to stay for the foreseeable future as we all adapt to the changes brought by the new normal. While working remotely has many benefits, finding balance within your life and job can become more complicated. Consequently, this can take a considerable toll on your health and happiness—leaving you feeling burnt-out, overworked, and stressed.

There is an understandably more significant level of work-related stress for employees since the pandemic. According to the August 2020 Job Report of leading job portal JobStreet, over half (54%) of the respondents who are working from home said they created a separate workspace, while 48% are working longer hours, 43% changed the times they work, and lastly, 37% take on more household responsibilities themselves.

As an established job platform in the region, JobStreet aims to help job seekers in all phases of their careers. To learn how to achieve work-life balance in the new normal, here are a few tips from JobStreet.


Define your work-life boundaries.

The boundaries between your personal and professional lives start to blur when you work from home. It is essential to know when to sign in and sign off. Set a fixed schedule for yourself. Having a structured plan for your tasks will help you focus your mind on what needs to be accomplished for the day.


Create a daily routine.

Setting up a daily routine can help you to maintain work-life boundaries while working at home. This arrangement gives you the freedom to create your schedule and own it. Making regular and consistent daily patterns will help you lower your stress levels and increase your productivity from day-to-day.


Stay connected.

With the current situation, you may not be able to socialize with friends and family as much, but this should not stop you from taking a break from work and connecting with people. Being socially connected while practicing social distancing can help you cope with stress. Positive social connections are essential to our mental and physical health. Focus on ways you can stay connected, both with yourself and others.


Create a dedicated workspace.

Establish a dedicated area for work within your home to help you create a consistent routine for when it is time to work. This is essential to creating balance and making a clear division between your work and personal time. When creating your workspace, consider what type of environment you best operate. Having a dedicated workspace can reduce distractions and help you stay productive throughout the whole week.

Take regular breaks.

Another way to help you adjust to working from home is by taking regular breaks throughout the day. Taking short breaks, even as fast as 10 minutes, will help keep you motivated and productive all day long. When your work is done, it is crucial to step away and leave your tasks and projects behind — know when it is time to relax and unwind.

Life is already challenging because of the pandemic, and it pays to look after ourselves and our lifestyle. It is essential to manage your work-from-home environment to create a better work-life balance to benefit your overall well-being.


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