Jollibee makes doodling more fun for kids through its Pop-Out Pens

Jollibee is making doodling and writing more fun and exciting for all the jolly kids across the country. As a New Year treat, the No. 1 fastfood chain is giving each of the five types of its Jollibee Pop-Out Pens free for every purchase of any Jolly Kiddie Meal—Jolly Spaghetti Meal at P95, Yum Burger Meal at P90, or Chickenjoy Meal at P123.

The five colorful designs each feature a Jollibee popular character—Jollibee, Yum, Popo, Hetty, and Twirlie. The special pens are made to help unleash kids’ creativity especially when they sketch artworks of their favorite superheroes, of princesses having fun in enchanted forests, of Jollibee and his gang in Jollitown, or of anything they can think of.

To start the fun, press down each pen’s knob to see the special Jollibee character’s body pop out. Then, use the pen to draw or write.

The Jolly Kiddie Meal Pop-Out Pens are not here to stay, though. Those will be available in all Jollibee stores nationwide only until the end of the month (January 31). Collect and complete the entire set and make drawing and writing more fun and exciting.