motorola stages a big comeback through two new 5G smartphones

One of the most exciting announcements made by Lenovo recently is the return of the iconic motorola to the local smartphone market (after a two-year hiatus). The giant PC maker, which acquired motorola from Google in October 2014, has unveiled two new 5G smartphones carrying the motorola brand—in the high-end and mid-range categories.

“Lenovo and motorola both recognize the need to constantly innovate in this industry,” said Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager Michael Ngan. “The iconic clamshell design of the original razr was way ahead of its time and made motorola not only one of the biggest tech brands globally but also a pop culture icon.”

As part of Lenovo’s Smarter Technology for All vision, motorola is delivering two new smart devices that stand out with their innovative designs—combining the rich history or motorola and the innovation led by Lenovo.


Razr returns

motorola is bringing its iconic razr, and we can’t help but be ecstatic. The historic ‘flip’ design returns and the brand promises that it will be better than ever through the motorola razr 5G.

The motorola razr 5G features a new hinge that leaves no space in between when it is folded and closed. This makes the foldable smartphone as slim and compact as we can possibly imagine. The same hinge flips open in just one hand while maintaining the sturdiness to remain firm while open. You can flip the phone over 100 times a day.

When the phone is folded, you can use its external 2.7-inch Quick View display, which can do more than just tell time and notify you about incoming calls or messages. While the phone is flipped close, you can swipe up the Quick View display to access the home screen, swipe right to access the camera, and swipe left to call contacts or run selected apps (you can customize to choose which eight apps you can quickly access). It is also possible to take photos while the phone is flipped closed.

Unfold the razr 5G to enjoy its 6.2-inch Flex View display, which has five layers designed to fold in concert with the new hinge with a protective hard coat that creates a barrier against spills, rain, splashes, and more. The display is made of polished 3D glass with a 7000 series aluminum frame for the eye-catching look in Polished Graphite.

motorola razr 5G comes with a 48MP camera with Quad Pixel technology capturing sharp, vibrant photos even in low-light conditions. Meanwhile, the display’s CinemaVision technology facilitates 21:9 resolution quality, similar to the ultra-wide dimensions used in the film industry.

Availability: December 2020
Price tag: P72,990


Democratizing 5G

motorola and Lenovo are breaking boundaries again with the moto g 5G plus. As a smartphone in the mid-range category, it is noted for being a device that democratizes 5G. It is among the most affordable 5G-enabled smartphones available in the country today.

The 6.7-inch display has CinemaVision to allow the showing of movies in their full 21:9 cinematic quality. It has a 90Hz screen refresh rate and an HDR10 feature to lower screen tearing and displays motion smoother than ever. Like the motorola razr 5G, it is powered by Snapdragon 765 processor, which is another standout feature among the mid-range devices available.

Be amazed by this smartphone’s six-camera setup (a feature to be enjoyed most by content creators). There is an 8MP ultra-wide front camera and a 16MP Quad Pixel camera—perfect for taking selfies night or day. The sensor can capture even the smallest details and can deliver up to four times better light sensitivity compared to other camera phones. There are four back cameras through 48MP Quad Pixel camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 5MP camera with a macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor camera.

Availability: December 2020
Price tag: P16,990