Promo: PLDT Home Super Speed Deals upgrade plans for as low as P99

It is now possible for PLDT Home Fibr subscribers to upgrade their current internet plans to the next higher plan for as low as P99. The country’s fastest and leading digital services provider has launched its first-ever Super Speed Deals Promo, which will last until January 31, 2021.

The promo comes during the new normal when lots of daily activities shift to the home resulting in a drastic increase in internet usage among households. This is one of the ways PLDT Home is paving the way for faster and stronger internet connectivity through solutions that cater to the digital needs and activities of each family member at home—whether for home-based remote learning, digital selling for micro and small entrepreneurs, work-from-home employees, and family entertainment.

Here’s how much PLDT Home Fibr subscribers could add to their monthly subscription fees to upgrade to their next higher plan:

Current monthly subscription plans

Monthly add-on cost

Additional Speedboost

Fibr 1699, 1899


50 Mbps

Fibr 2099, 2299, 2399

P149 Up to 100 Mbps

Fibr 2899, 3099, 3299


Up to 150 Mbps

Fibr 4099, 4299 P249

Up to 300 Mbps

PLDT Home gives its subscribers the additional convenience of upgrading internet speeds by simply dialing 170 for PLDT, Smart, and Sun Cellular. They can reach out through (02) 80000170 for other networks (toll charges apply). You can also apply for and process this request through this link.

Upon or before the promo subscription expiration, PLDT Home subscribers may opt-out of the current availment within the promo period so their internet plan will automatically switch back to their original subscribed plan speeds.