Why Rhian Ramos raves about Phoenix Petroleum’s next generation fuels

Television host-actress Rhian Ramos is not your ordinary glamor girl. On and off the camera, the 27-year-old celebrity is always up for new adventures—whether from odd travels with equally adventurous friends or from pulse-racing sports, which other ‘it’ girls her age would not normally even consider doing.

“I live for adventure and I always look for new ways and new things to excite me,” said Ramos during the recent launch of Phoenix Petroleum’s next generation fuels. “Be it traveling to a new place, getting hooked on extreme sports like car racing, I get my adrenaline fix by engaging in activities that make me feel energized and alive—because that’s how life’s meant to be lived, right?”

Aside from her regular shows in GMA Network, Ramos is also the other half of the duo that pumps blood to the seasonal motoring-lifestyle cable TV show ‘Full Throttle’ (with co-host Sam YG). As one of the show’s hosts, Ramos has been showcasing her undeniable passion for driving and racing.


Passion for cars
“I’ve always been passionate about cars, so car racing easily became my favorite activity. And when I hit the tracks, I make sure that my drive is smooth, high-powered, and worry-free, which is why I choose to gas up at Phoenix Petroleum,” Ramos revealed.

“Choosing Phoenix Petroleum was an easy decision. They are a homegrown brand and the fastest-growing oil company, and they look for new ways to upgrade their products and offer them at the best value. That makes Phoenix the smarter choice for millennials like me who like to get more value for every peso,” she added.

Ramos is vocally raving about Phoenix Petroleum’s upgraded fuels, which are powered by its Phoenix PULSE Technology. Now an additive and component of all products of the brand, PULSE Technology is a newly innovated formulation coming with advanced cleaning and protection properties that ensure a vehicle’s enhanced acceleration and power.

New generation fuels
Formulated with cutting-edge technology, upgraded Phoenix Petroleum’s new generation fuels now offer major benefits—prevention of fuel filter blockage especially in diesel-powered cars; elimination of unnecessary deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and even piston surfaces; and superior engine protection.

And this new development is making Ramos rave more these days. “I am excited for what lies ahead. Wherever life takes me, I know I’ll have a good time, especially with Phoenix Petroleum as my partner. Now, there’s no limit on where I can go. I can now enjoy smooth driving on the tracks and on the road, thanks to Phoenix PULSE Technology!”

Phoenix PULSE Technology is currently in all fuel upgrade available in every Phoenix gas station nationwide. Drive to the nearest Phoenix station now and experience the difference Phoenix PULSE Technology brings.