Samsung showcases features of its revolutionary 2021 Neo QLED TVs

Samsung Electronics has provided a quick glimpse of its latest revolutionary 2021 TV lineup through an annual technical seminar, which is usually set prior to market release and distribution of new TV products and models.

This year, the highlight of the tech seminar was the ultra-premium 2021 Neo QLED TV, which the company touts as the newest benchmark in modern TV technology. The giant electronics firm also highlights the line’s design that could transform living spaces within homes.

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED flagship 8K and 4K models get the upgrade through the Quantum Mini LED, which is the center of innovation combined with Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology and state-of-the-art Neo Quantum Processor. Samsung’s Neo QLEDs also provide true-to-life picture quality—crisp and clear like you’ve never seen it before, paired with the most intricate details whether in dark or bright scenes.

The Neo QLED TVs will be available in 5 sizes—85-inch, 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 50-inch TVs. These also feature the powerful Neo Quantum Processor with enhanced upscaling capabilities that can even optimize the quality of the picture to adopt to 4K and 8K screen output regardless of input quality.


Gaming experience upgrade

Samsung also designed the 2021 Neo QLED TVs to upgrade the gaming experience of users through the immersive ultra-wide gaming features. Thus, gamers can play PC and console games with Super Ultra-Wide Game View and Auto Game Mode that facilitates enhanced performance, motion graphic features, reduced input lag, and fuller and more immersive sound via AI.

“The breakthrough in 2021 Neo QLED and its picture quality demonstrates what state-of-the-art hardware innovations can achieve together with Samsung’s unique AI upscaling and smart features,” said Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business Simon Ilkyung Sung. “We are pleased to share our latest display innovations that are tailored to our customers’ needs and hope that our customers will continue to enjoy our products.”

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED TVs will take local price tags in the range of ₱109,000 to ₱699,000.


Micro LED TV

Samsung is also set to launch its 2021 Micro LED line, which produces better color vibrancy and brightness with self-emissive LED display technology along with an all-new Micro AI processor that delivers stunning HDR content. These features put the line above other displays that are currently available in the market.

In the tech seminar, Samsung also showcases various smart features and apps—including Samsung TV Plus and Samsung Health that keep up with the changing needs of modern-day consumers. These two features are yet to be available locally.