Help this freelancer designer decide on what to do to be on top of the game

(Edited Press Release)

This ongoing quarantine has been changing people’s lives—their routines and hobbies. It has also been restricting them in so many ways. To help people overcome challenges and limitations, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note20 Series, a tool that could help users bring their power back and help them take control of their lives.

In this video released by Samsung, the giant tech company invites you to help work-at-home freelance designer Paolo decide on what to do next to keep himself on top of his game—whether he will keep working by designing a mask and parol with #TeamGalaxy ambassador Catriona Gray or start taking a break with the help of the Galaxy Note20 Series.

Help Paolo uncover all possibilities with the help of the Galaxy Note20 Series. For more information about the powerphone, click this link.