Sony’s latest wireless camera grip makes it much easier to vlog

The recently announced camera accessory from giant technology firm Sony will make the lives of vloggers and other content creators much easier. The company has unveiled its new GP-VPT2BT wireless shooting grip, an accessory compatible with most of the brand’s latest digital cameras.

The GP-VPT2TBT is ideal for various types of content creation, ranging from vlogs to travel videography/ photography to basic daily use. The accessory is strategically designed to resist dust and moisture and bring about ideal stability and comfort.


On top of those, its Bluetooth approach facilitates cable-free connectivity—preventing any cable or camera port from getting in the way, giving the user more flexibility to find the perfect angle while holding the camera through a comfortable grip.

Use it anywhere, anytime. It is wireless after all.


The Bluetooth connectivity facilitates the wireless connection between the accessory and the camera.

There are more features that make Sony’s GP-VPT2TBT a worthwhile camera accessory for content creators. It can tilt to allow flexible vertical angle adjustment as the user opts to quickly switch from normal to self-shoot mode. The adjustment wheel can be tightened or loosened for seamless operation whatever the size and weight of the camera is. Moreover, there is a flip button, indicator light and lock switch, and a portion that can instantly transform into a tripod (for a more stable and hands-free shoot).

The wireless grip can turn into a tripod.


The grip can be an ideal holder to make photoshoot activities easier.

The Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip will soon be available in the Philippines. Tech and Lifestyle Journal estimates its cost to be between P7,000 and P11,000 (based on initial price ranges internationally).