Spotify releases the Night King’s own streaming playlist

Spotify is celebrating the arrival of the much awaited seventh season of HBO’s popular TV series Game of Thrones. The music streaming service has released a special ‘Winter is Here’ playlist, which could very well suit the experiences of Night King (one of the characters) throughout the season.

Game of Thrones’ music supervisor Evyen J. Klean personally selected the songs in the playlist. Most of the songs are on the metal side, which easily relate to the infamous Army of the Dead leader. Some fans think the playlist could also provide hints on how the Night King and some other characters would do in this season.

However, the ‘Winter is Here’ playlist does not include any song by Ed Sheeran, despite speculations that the pop star would have a cameo role in the show.

Meanwhile, Spotify also disclosed the most popular Game of Thrones character playlists in the country:
1. Missandei

2. Daenerys Targaryen

3. Margaery Tyrell

4. Games of Thrones: Season 6

5. Robb Stark