Sun Life Grepa starts offering financial protection against cancer

(Edited Press Release)

Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa) is now helping address the need for financial preparedness in the event of a cancer diagnosis. Sun Grepa Cancer Care is a specialized health insurance plan that provides benefits in every stage of one’s health journey.

Sun Grepa Cancer Care provides the following features:

• Access to a wellness program
• A fixed cash benefit in case of a diagnosed cancer covered by the policy
• A separate one-time cash benefit in case the patient undergoes surgery for removing a benign tumor covered by the policy
• Additional monthly treatment support benefit upon approval of a major cancer claim
• Life insurance coverage equal to 100% of the original coverage, assuming no cancer benefit has been paid

“Treating cancer is not only expensive but takes time,” said Sun Life Grepa President Richard S. Lim. “Time spent in the hospital translates into continued income loss for a sick breadwinner or becomes a savings loss for a sick non-breadwinner being cared for. We believe that having peace of mind through a reliable partner can help a family through this critical time.”

The policy’s premiums may be settled in 5, 10, 15, or 20-year periods. Payments can also be paid semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. A special bonus may be provided at the end of the premium-paying period and annual dividend earnings afterward. These may be received in cash or left with Sun Life Grepa to accumulate. In case of an emergency, a policy loan can be taken out of the plan’s cash value to support the immediate need.

This new product is among Sun Life Grepa’s latest offerings in its more than 65 years of operations in the Philippines. To inquire about Sun Grepa Cancer Care, contact any Sun Life Grepa advisor or drop by any Sun Life Grepa or RCBC bank location.