Sun Life sponsors Youth Physical Activity Report Cards program across Asia

(Press Release)

To help improve the physical health of young people in Asia, Sun Life is teaming up with the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA) for the Youth Physical Activity Report Cards, a report that will provide insights into how a country is providing physical activity opportunities for children and youth and make key recommendations for the improvement of youth physical activity in Asia and around the world.

The report, which will be facilitated by AHKGA’s network of researchers, will cover several markets in Asia where Sun Life operates, while the broader research will take place across 57 participating countries. The findings will be revealed in the 4th quarter of 2022 and will be presented through physical activity report cards, analysis of grades, and recommendations from participating countries that are assembled every two to four years. In the Philippines, AHKGA partnered with the UP College of Human Kinetics Foundation, Inc. to develop the 2022 Philippine Report Card.

“Sun Life is proud to sponsor research on a topic that we are particularly passionate about: helping people live healthier lives,” explained Sun Life Chief Client Experience and Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong. “Not only will this research provide important insights on the current state of youth physical activity, but it will also help Sun Life create more programs that will maximize social impact and help improve the health of young people in the Philippines and other markets in Asia.”

“The Active Health Kids Global Alliance is excited to be working with Sun Life to promote the physical activity of children and youth in Asia and around the world,” said AHKGA President Dr. Mark Tremblay, who is also a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Ottawa in Canada. “Our shared commitment to disease prevention is particularly important and timely in the wake of unintended collateral harm to active living behaviors resulting from Covid-19 restrictions.”

Helping Filipinos prevent diabetes and live healthier lives

The partnership with AHKGA aligns with Sun Life’s global philanthropic cause, which is the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. The illness can be prevented or delayed through increased physical activity and the adoption of healthier lifestyle choices, making the collaboration with AHKGA a great fit with other Sun Life philanthropic projects in the Philippines.

These include the collaboration with the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (ISDFI). Over the years, Sun Life has consistently supported ISDFI’s educational programs and has also funded the Sun Life-ISDFI Nutrition Studio and the ISDFI-Sun Life GoWell Fitness Center. Meanwhile, the Sun Life Financial-Philippines Foundation, Inc. has also established a Diabetes Corner in seven Barangay Health Stations in Batangas, bringing basic diabetes care closer to those in remote areas.

Sun Life also wrapped up the SunPiology Family Challenge recently. The event was a success with 232 families participating, leading to a total of 13 million steps reached in only one month as they engaged in various physical fitness activities together. It served as an opportunity for family bonding as they worked as one to complete the race. At the same time, SunPiology also championed Sun Life’s purpose of helping Filipinos live healthier lives.