10 most popular YouTube PH ads from July to December 2017

For the second half of 2017 and for the third consecutive cycle, locally-created ads again dominated the YouTube Ads Leaderboard. Just like in the previous cycles, brands continued to showcase various effective approaches—using music, travel, and advocacy—that inspire Filipino netizens and keep their attention.

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard is a list of 10 of the most popular online ads that are viewed on the video-sharing site. Google Philippines releases the list every six months—covering the first half (January to June) and second half (July to December) of each year.

The ninth YouTube Ads Leaderboard PH comprises of online ads that showcase four major elements: catchy tunes and entertainment, video-blog (vlog) formats, panoramic experiences, and effective pairings and collaborations.


Effective elements 

Not surprisingly, Filipino YouTube viewers easily polarize with ads that utilizes music as a primary element. In this list, six of 10 ads feature influencers and celebrities in dance tutorials and musical performances. Interestingly, three of the ads seem to break the ‘fourth wall’ and address viewers directly, just like how influencers do it on their vlogs.

It also does not surprise that ads with excellent cinematography performed better during the period. Those ads bring about panoramic experiences to create greater impact to the lives of target consumers. And even more interesting was the way the tried and tested formula of effective pairings and collaborations worked—as exhibited by the pairing/collaboration of celebrities Sarah Geronimo and Alden Richards, the mascots Jollibee and Hetty, OPM acts Franco and Reese Lansangan, James Reid and YouTube sensations Ranz and Niana Guerrero, and even brands like Globe and Philippine Airlines.


Meaningful relationships

Just like in the previous cycle, the most popular ads in this list still prove that online users have longer attention span. They watch online ads regardless of the length of such materials. Most of the ads last more than 2 minutes, with the lengthiest lasting 13 minutes and 38 seconds.

“YouTube empowers brands to foster more meaningful relationships with their audiences and the YouTube Ads Leaderboard is proof positive of this,” said Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager Gabby Roxas. “Through masterful storytelling, brands can nurture interests and fuel passions, hold the attention of millions, and grow their share of audiences online.”

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Here are the top 10 videos on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard list for the second half of 2017:

  1. Because you can never have too many dog videos – Globe (4:12)

  1. Get #ChampionEnergy – Milo (1:02)

  1. #CaptureTheRealYou with the new OPPO F5 – OPPO (0:30)

  1. Sweet-Sarap Dance Tutorial – Jollibee (3:52)

  1. #ThePLAN for Solenn Heussaf is to meet new people – Globe (5:51)

  1. Unbeatable Double – Jollibee (2:16)

  1. Off of Center by Franco X Reese Lansangan – Coke Studio PH (4:41)

  1. Capture the Night Anthem – Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (2:14)

  1. When Mom Cooks Favorite Food – Knorr (13:38)

  1. Fly the Way You Deserve with PAL – fly PAL (2:01)