How Airspeed makes logistics relevant by mixing tradition and technology

(Press Release)

There was a time when logistics was only considered to be a business matter, not something that concerned individuals. Before the internet age, individuals or families most probably directly experienced logistics only when their relatives abroad would send them Balikbayan boxes. Logistics companies during this time mainly served Import/Export requirements of Corporate Clients.

Having been established in 1985, Airspeed is a logistics company that operated in this much simpler time. Since its establishment, Airspeed’s aim has always been to help clients build and grow their business by providing them with the highest quality logistics services and innovative end-to-end solutions that bring forth rewarding and growth-oriented opportunities. Staying true to a client-centered business strategy throughout its existence, Airspeed has selectively hired people with stellar reputations, diverse expertise, and solid values who are fully dedicated to meet their client’s needs.

The advancements in technology that took place for the next couple of decades disrupted and changed the logistics world.  In the past several years alone, the push for globalization has resulted in technological development and tremendous growth of the e-commerce industry. In a global economy with a rapidly rising online retail industry, the need for improved logistics has become necessary in order to provide faster, safer, cheaper, and more efficient logistics services to the growing number of clients in the fiercely competitive e-commerce industry.

The wider accessibility to the internet and the easier obtainability of mobile technology in the country, combined with the Covid-19 pandemic have been significant stimulants to the tremendous boom of the local online shopping market. Airspeed understood that in order to serve their existing clients better in the “New Normal”, it had to move with the times. Modern digital technology is now fully installed and operational at Airspeed and more than ready to serve and satisfy the logistics needs of the modern generation.

Airspeed has fully modernized warehouses and uses Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS). Airspeed uses WMS because it more than satisfies the speed and accuracy requirements of clients. A WMS provides unprecedented visibility into inventory, equipment, orders, and people to empower organizations to enrich service levels and increase product velocity. Through the WMS, distribution center activities are managed holistically. This solution enhances warehouse fulfillment to reduce complexity and support operational execution.  Airspeed also implements cross-docking management to reduce warehouse waste and eliminates the need to hold inventory. Cross-docking improves the value of speed, efficiency, and expediency to prevent long storage of the products in the warehouse.

Airspeed’s SpeedGifts, SpeedGrocer, and SpeedFood services, as well as last-mile deliveries of the Pick-Up and Delivery Department employ Last-Mile Delivery Software Solution and Mobile Proof of Delivery Services. These services are considered feature-rich software that makes last-mile deliveries more efficient to benefit clients and enhance customer satisfaction. This allows Airspeed to make multiple deliveries through the most optimized routes to reduce delivery cost and time.

Airspeed’s Transport Group implements the Transportation/ Fleet Management Solution to reduce fuel costs through the use of monitoring, implement targeted training to improve driver behavior for the safer fleet, control access to vehicles for improved security, and reduce asset theft through live tracking and monitor trips to implement better route planning and job assignment. Airspeed Trucking has been using GPS fleet tracking systems to know where the merchandise and equipment are in near real-time and provide useful data about fleet and driver performance.

For more than 35 years, Airspeed’s mission has not changed; it has always been “To provide the global customers the highest quality of logistics services and innovative end-to-end solutions.” Airspeed knows that in order to stay true to its mission, it has to continue innovating, improving, and investing in anything and everything that will provide its clients with logistics services that set industry standards. This is why today, Airspeed is one of the largest, most experienced, most trusted, and most reputable logistics companies in the Philippines.