This new book offers guidance in future-proofing your company and career

How can businesses and professionals prepare well for a digital future? Award-winning CEO, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur Maulik Parekh is trying to help through his debut book entitled ‘Future Proof Your Company and Career.’

Parekh has inspired more than 10,000 leaders and helped prepare them for the disruptive future through his leadership seminars and workshops over the past years. Under his helm, global firms like SPi Global and Inspiro have bagged over 100 awards, including the highly coveted Best Company of the Year, Best Employer of the Year, and Best Leadership Team of the Year.

Through the book, the Singapore-based expert is communicating how various factors are shaping the modern world. Parekh is also identifying the pillars of success that you must master to future-proof your path regardless of your industry.

“In this rapidly changing world, we have a choice to make—either we future proof ourselves or we risk becoming extinct,” Parekh said. “Future Proof Your Company and Career offers actionable insights and proven steps on how you can stay ahead of the curve and flourish in the future.”

Future Proof Your Company and Career comprises of three sections, each focusing on three disruptive forces—Artificial Intelligence, Digital Natives, and the Gig Economy. The book focuses on these three powerful forces, nourished by the digital revolution, that are gaining momentum and are expected to peak over the next decade.

The book distinguished each disruptive forces from each other. Artificial Intelligence infiltrates companies and jobs. The Digital Natives are the people who storm the workplace. The Gig Economy modifies how the job gets done—where, when, and how.

To help guide its readers, Future Proof Your Company and Career incorporates the three disruptive forces and covers five ways you can better prepare yourself for the future. According to Parekh, companies should unleash the spirit of innovation, infuse purpose, inspire learning among its people, digitally transform the business, and engage personnel. Professionals should thrive in the era of Artificial Intelligence, set apart from peers, transform ordinary into extraordinary, navigate through turbulent times, and predict/prepare for the future.

“In the last 10 years alone, we have witnessed mighty giants all but extinct. They chose not to be resilient. They chose not to evolve, adapt, and change to the new paradigm, new environment, new competition. To claim the future, you must evolve multidimensionally. You must evolve holistically. The disruption is accelerating. Only the most agile will thrive,” Parekh said.


Future Proof Your Company and Career is available in physical or digital copy on Amazon.