3 helpful tips when cleaning home appliances

How to make your home safe and virus-free during the Covid-19 quarantine? Disinfecting the interiors, furniture, and frequently-handled surfaces may not be enough. You must also properly and regularly clean all your home appliances.

XTREME Appliances shares these helpful tips when cleaning your appliances at home.


Wipe dust off your TV.

Regularly wiping off the dust from your TV set is a must to prevent the accumulation of the allergen that may cause cough or asthma. To clean the TV, unplug it first and let it cool down before wiping the frame and edges using slightly damp soft or microfiber cloth.

Don’t forget to clean and sanitize your remote control. This TV accessory may easily gather dust and germs especially when your whole family uses it. To clean the remote, remove the battery then tip it upside down, against your palm to let small particles trapped within the buttons fall. Use alcohol-based wipes or cloth damped in 70% isopropyl alcohol to wipe the surface and the buttons.


Clean the air conditioner filters.

The air conditioner’s filters can gather enough dust and particles that may pose risks to the health of everyone in the house. A poorly maintained air conditioner may cause eye irritations, headaches, or respiratory problems.

To clean the unit, remove the trim panel or frame first. Remove dirt and dust from its cooling fins using a fin comb. Get rid of visible build-ups and debris using a small vacuum cleaner. Let it dry for some time before assembling it back.

XTREME Appliances reminds homeowners not to use the air conditioner continuously, 24/7. Overworking the machine may lead to compressor or condenser damage over time.


Keep the refrigerator clean at all times.

Regularly check stored goods in your refrigerator and make sure it is always clean. Get rid of rotten perishables or expired processed food items on a regular basis. When cleaning the fridge, remove all items so you can wipe all shelves and drawers with a soft cloth.

Mix vinegar and baking soda to create a solution, which can be used to remove stains in the refrigerator’s interiors. Dry off after wiping using a clean, dry cloth before returning shelves, drawers, and food items. Clean all items thoroughly before storing those in the fridge. To eliminate unwanted odor, put a small amount of activated charcoal or baking soda in an area within the unit.