New-normal tips: How to spice up your daily work-from-home setup

Count your blessings especially during these times. If you have been working from home since the onset of the ongoing pandemic, you must realize that you have been among the several ones who are lucky enough to keep a job—and a means for a living—in the most challenging period in modern history.

How long have you been working from home? It may seem like 5 years already (even if it’s just over a year)—it is not surprising. It has been a while and everyone in the work-from-home setup is almost going stir-crazy. If the workdays are becoming a little boring, it is time to spice things up so you could remain productive.


Continue to dress for success.

During the first few weeks of the new normal, it surely was exciting to work in pajamas. However, after some time, it has become ineffective. If you’ve been missing the pre-pandemic work set up a bit, why not resume dressing for success during working hours? This way, you’ll somehow get that same feeling of dressing to impress—and believe us it works wonders.


Take short but worthwhile breaks.

Don’t forget to take regular short breaks throughout the day. It is like recharging your energy after long hours of virtual meetings. If taking a quick trip to the office pantry was your thing in the past, in the work-from-home set up why not try walking the dog in the nearby park or going outside to breathe some fresh air in the garden? Get your blood flowing and clear your mind to get rid of ‘fog.’

Create a new office playlist.

If music motivates you, it is time to ramp up your playlist throughout the day. You may create various playlists to set the mood during different times of the typical work-from-home daily grind. It wouldn’t hurt to get more alert and stimulated by listening to new genres or artists that you don’t usually listen to. You may even get up and dance a bit when the day goes a bit sluggish.


Switch up locations.

One of the main advantages of working from home is that you could get creative when switching up your work location. Come on, you wouldn’t want to sit at that little room you set up as a home office all day long, right? You could begin by working in the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, or even the bedroom.

Those spaces will run boring after some time, though. When you reach that point try setting up a workspace outdoor—like the garden (if you have one) or the veranda (if you’re living in a condo). This author likes and loves working a few hours in the pool area, the children’s park, and the open space area of the condominium clubhouse. It makes working more invigorating and exciting.

However, to make it work, you have to invest in portable and effective office tools—a laptop or convertible tablet, smartphone, and a pair of reliable headphones, which is a necessity when getting into virtual meetings, communicating with the team or clients, or just listening to music. This author can’t live without headphones these days because it is necessary for working outdoors effectively (noise is canceled during virtual meets). Thus, Tech and Lifestyle Journal is recommending this great find—the lightweight and practical Logitech H111 Multi-Device Headset. Know more about it here: