Enderun Colleges joins the Hult Prize 2021 Challenge

(Press Release)

Enderun Colleges is proud to announce its participation in the Hult Prize 2021 Challenge. Guided by the theme ‘Food for Good,’ the goal of the competition is “to create jobs, stimulate economies, and improve outcomes for 10,000,000 people by 2030.”

The Hult Prize is a foundation sponsored by Hult International Business School in partnership with the United Nations. Founded by former US President Bill Clinton and headed by CEO Ahmad Ashkar, these philanthropic visionaries have sought to elicit ideas focusing on the creation of an ‘impact enterprise.’ The Hult Prize at Enderun Colleges has garnered applications from 42 senior high school and college students from different courses and year levels who are interested in taking part in this prestigious movement.

Competing students, known as Contenders, must develop an idea for a social enterprise that delivers both profit and positive social impact. They receive training on public speaking, feasibility, social impact, and adherence to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) before they make their final pitches to a panel of judges. Our Contenders join millions of students spread over 121 countries in vying for the top prize of one million US dollars ($1,000,000) to fuel their vision.

Students also stand to gain access to the Hult Prize’s extensive network by participating as a committee member, charged with assisting the Contenders in developing their skills and knowledge, overseeing the implementation of the competition, and ensuring Enderun Colleges’ compliance with the competition rules and regulations. In this way, students can gain invaluable experience as well as contribute to the creation of a better world through social impact-based businesses.

The Hult Prize takes the idea of experiential learning to new heights. Whether as a contender or as a committee member, students can hone practical and professional skills while simultaneously encouraging societal awareness and responsibility. Clearly, the Hult Prize ensures that every participant walks away a winner.