EverWing introduces new dragons based on Philippine mythical creatures

The Philippines is undoubtedly an EverWing nation, with more than 7 million Facebook users in the country regularly playing the hit online game so far.

In recognition of Filipinos’ passion for EverWing, its developer, Blackstorm Labs, has created five new characters that are all inspired by popular Philippine mythical creatures. This is the first time for the US-based game creator to introduce characters that can be identified with any country.

The new set of characters are all dragons that can possibly hatch, level up, or even evolve. EverWing players in the Philippines and around the world started encountering the new mythical creatures in the game on July 19, coinciding with the Philippine Dragon Festival that was organized by a local telecom firm.

“This lineup of Philippine dragons is our treat to millions of Filipinos, who are among our most engaged and passionate players in the world,” said Blackstorm CEO Michael Carter. “With their distinct characteristics, these Filipino dragons will surely take your game to the next level, so we hope the entire world will enjoy this update.”

Have you already encountered any of these new EverWing dragons?

Tikbalang is a bull having a muscular build with bejeweled ears.


Lampong is a deer with bright eyes and a long beard.


Kiwig is a fiery and fierce pig.



Buwaya is a crocodile equipped with a saddle on its back.


Bakunawa is a serpentine dragon.

EverWing is a Facebook Messenger-based shooter game. The mechanics is simple—a player simply controls a virtual fairy that flies through different levels, which could be compared to arcade classics like Space Invaders and Galaga.