The best gifts you can give to every type of Dad

How can you make the best man in your life feel more than appreciated, these Fathers’ Day and beyond? Take this opportunity to make Dad feel your warmth and thoughtfulness by giving him the best present—something practical, cool, and uniquely suited for his interests.

What type of Dad do you have? Take note of these gift suggestions for him.

1. The Handyman Dad
This Dad loves creating new and cool things. Make helpful and useful tools handy for him. Give him a rotary tool kit so he can easily engrave on various objects like metal, wood, glass, plastic, electronics, and other materials. How about a Swiss knife that comes with everything he instantly needs—screwdriver, knife, cork opener, and can opener?

2. The Aspiring Chef Dad
Does he like cooking, but cooking still hasn’t liked him? Keep your moral support up so he can keep on pushing until he becomes the good chef he aspires to be. Back him up with the 6-in-1 Samsung Smart Oven. It functions as a convection oven and a microwave at the same time so he can have the tool he needs for grilling, baking, slim frying, steaming, defrosting, and making yogurt.

Also, consider giving Dad the Kitchen Blow Torch so he can take confidence like that of a legit chef. This can enable him to do that extra char on the steak, the burnt edge of the toast, and the appealing caramel glow in Crème Brulee.

3. The Hard-working Dad
The Dad who is most deserving of rest and relaxation needs appliances that can make him feel cozier at home. For undisturbed and reinvigorating sleep, give him the Samsung Wind-free air conditioner that quickly cools any room by maintaining the ideal temperature without directly blasting cold air. What’s more, Dad can control it using his mobile phone via Wi-Fi connection.

4. The Coffee-Loving Dad
Coffee is life for this type of Dad. Thus, an Aeropress is for him as it facilitates coffee brewing in an amazing way. Add in some of his favorite beans so he can be his own coffee barista at home. Or you can give him a hand-painted coffee mug featuring a favorite and dear family memory.

5. The Whisky Lover Dad
Take his drinking experience a lot cooler with interesting ice molds and cubes. Get him a sphere ice mold so he can enjoy his whiskey with less dilution. Rechargeable Ice Cubes, on the other hand, is a safe and easy-to-operate device that make drinks colder without the unwanted dilution typical in ordinary ice cubes.

6. For the Adventurous Dad
Any adventurous Dad will want to make sure his gears are always clean and dry without fully relying on sunlight for drying. Thus, the Samsung Heat Pump dryer is for him. Its QuickDry function can dry outdoor clothes for as fast as 35 minutes!

Another gift idea is a 3-in-1 Monopod, Selfie stick, and remote, which will never let him miss any good moment during his trips.