GCash rolls out QR mobile payments service in Mercato Centrale

QR payment is facilitated wherever you see the white cat GCat.

Customers of Mercato Centrale can now enjoy convenient cashless payment whenever they order meals from any of the food stalls in the night food market. They can do so by using the Pay/Scan QR feature within the updated version of the GCash App (downloadable for free for iOS and Android device users).

The new feature facilitates virtual and instant use of any GCash account to quickly and safely pay for their transactions by simply scanning the QR code displayed at the storefront of each stall (along with the image of GCat, Gcash’s white cat mascot).

For consumers, the new GCash QR payment mode spares them from the usual hassle of bringing money, waiting for change, and getting into unexpected disputes over cash payments. For the part of the merchants, the transaction process with customers is simplified without the need to invest in expensive devices (they only need a print out of a unique QR code assigned to each of them that is linked virtually to their own GCash wallet).

Strategic partnership
This useful innovation is introduced by Mynt, a fully-owned fintech solutions subsidiary of Globe Capital Venture Holdings, Inc., in partnership with Ant Financial Services Group, the company that popularized QR code payments among more than 400 million users in China.

“With our recently announced strategic partner, Ant Financial, we will use technology that has scaled for hundreds of millions of customers in China, India, and other countries in Asia,” said Mynt’s Chief Operating Officer Anthony Thomas. “We will do this in partnership with local merchants and are very excited to be associated with Mercato Centrale as a pioneer in introducing QR-based payments to the market.”

On his end, Mercato Centrale co-founder RJ Ledesma underlined the value and convenience the new GCash feature brings to the biggest foodpark chain in the country. “GCash is a great opportunity for our small-scale food business entrepreneurs to serve more clients, expand their customer base, and scale up their business,” he said.


Quick payment
How does it work? Simply open your GCash app on your smartphone, tap Pay/Scan QR icon, and scan the QR code displayed at the food stall’s storefront. The app will automatically complete the transaction once the purchase amount is keyed in. Just be sure that your GCash wallet has enough money to cover payments. Funding it is facilitated in all GCash partner outlets, including Globe Stores, 7-Eleven Cliqq kiosks, TouchPay kiosks, SM Business Centers, Robinsons Business Centers, and Puregold branches.

The payment service is also available in these establishments. (Photo from GCash’s FB page)

GCash is set to roll out this payment technology in other partner merchants and establishments in the coming weeks. To open a GCash account and to learn more about this mobile payment service, visit www.gcash.com.