Here’s why George Optical is dropping the word ‘Optical’ from its name

The optical store we have known as George Optical is undergoing an aggressive process of rebranding. A significant part of the transition is the renaming of the brand into simply ‘George.’

The rebranding comes as George prepares to commemorate its upcoming 60th anniversary in October. Tech and Lifestyle Journal had a short conversation with the company’s President Dr. Geoffrey Co, who is also personally doing eye care consultations at some of its stores. (He is also the son of the founder of George Optical.)

George Optical no longer
“No more George Optical! Officially, we are George,” Co declared. “Everything has changed—the way we look, the way we manage, the way we deliver customer experience. But our commitment to eye care doesn’t change. It actually leveled up.”

George President Geoffrey Co

When asked why they renamed the brand into George, Co said it is about educating the public about eye care. “Every time we use ‘Optical,’ people think we just give eyeglasses. We don’t just do that. We’ve been conducting a complete eye assessment procedure called EyeCare360 in our stores for the last 15 years now,” he said.

EyeCare360 is more than the usual eye check-up that is also offered in other optical shops. The service goes deeper into a customer’s visual system as a whole. It is a procedure that examines and accesses eye abnormalities that may lead to sight-threatening conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, and complications brought about by medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

George displays a broad mixture of local and high-end eyeglass frame designer brands.

Redesigned store
George is also humanizing its brand as well. Coinciding with the launch of the rebrand, the company re-opened its flagship store in SM Megamall on September 5, 2019, with the goal of replicating the shop’s new design and look in all other George stores nationwide (and there are about 22 of those). The transition is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Above all, George’s commitment comes with a promise to keep their products and the quality of their service very affordable. Price point remains from P990 and up. “We aim to make George a shop wherein people can say, ‘Oh, I can afford it!’” Co ended in jest.

Visit George now and experience for yourself its EyeCare360.