Premium dog food maker Maxime launches new pet food line for cats

(Press Release)

Furparents know that taking care of a pet is the same as raising a baby. They give their pets the best care possible and make the necessary changes when their little angels grow, have dietary adjustments, or crave something new.

Maxime, which creates high-quality and premium dog food, is giving furparents an opportunity to start creating meowments with their cats by introducing a new line of Cat Food.

“Furparents know how much joy pets bring to their lives. A doggo or catto gives us unconditional love, which is why it’s important for us to make the most of our moments with them and nourish them the same way they enrich our lives,” says Blessie Zarzuela, National Sales Manager.

She adds, “One of the best ways to show your love for your pets is to give them a healthy diet that allows them to be happy, active, tough, and smart. We are always improving our products so we can care for our furry companions better and live a fun and fulfilling life with them.”


Cattos are joining the fun

Maxime is extending its expertise in pet nutrition with its brand new cat food line. It is a minerally-balanced, easily digestible meal using quality ingredients for the optimal health and nutrition of cats. It is also enhanced with taurine, essential for good vision.

Maxime’s expert formulation for cats doesn’t only adhere to the international standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials and the European Pet Food Industry Association but is surely catto-approved with its delicious taste.

The recipe is made with real tuna to delight your cat meal after meal while getting all the nutrients they need to grow happy and healthy. For the furparents, this means more meowments with your purrbaby filled with no worries just zoomies!


Maxime Cat launch sale

Furparents can start creating Meowments with Maxime as early as February 14. To celebrate the official launch, Maxime will be offering 15% off on all Maxime Cat products from their official Shopee and Lazada Stores.

“We encourage everyone to visit our Lazada and Shopee stores on February 14 so they can treat their cats with the best nutrition. If we give them the love and attention they deserve, we can create lasting meowments that deepen our bonds with our furry family members,” ends Zarzuela.


For more information about Maxime, visit @MaximePhilippines on Facebook.