Mead Johnson Nutrition introduces breakthrough MFGM Pro to PH

Mead Johnson Nutrition has recently announced in the Philippines its biggest nutritional breakthrough so far since the introduction of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) into its formula milk products in early 2000s.

Milk fat globule membrane of MFGM is a nutritional component naturally contained in breast milk. It is a nutrient that supports cognitive development in children as well as helps bolster their immunity and gut health. A study conducted in 2012 found that supplementation of MFGM in children’s milk brings positive impact to EQ development.

The global nutrition company has proudly announced that the important nutrient is now added to Enfagrow A+ Four, making it the first ever milk product for kids to contain the breakthrough ingredient MFGM Pro. Parents can now rely on the product as a partner for ideal development of their children’s EQ and IQ, which is very crucial for their overall being.

“This is our biggest breakthrough since we first introduced DHA into our products,” said Mead Johnson Nutrition Philippines General Manager Chris Ritchie. “With MFGM, we are bringing pediatric nutrition to a whole new level.”

“This allows us to help parents prepare their children, particularly in the aspect of IQ and EQ development, for the demands that the future may bring,” added Ritchie.

The new and improved Enfagrow A+ Four is now available in the market.