Mobile Legends: Bang Bang launches new logo ahead of 7th anniversary

(Press Release)

The second phase of Project NEXT was launched on September 8 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Debuting a fresh new look, the popular mobile online battle arena hits its seventh anniversary this September, with an all-new season experience and graphic upgrades for players to enjoy.

A whole new look befitting of the new lore

The new logo reflects a fresh and diversified image of the seven-year game still widely played by international gamers worldwide. Whether you’re a hardcore MOBA fan or a casual player, there’s something for everyone in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with its various game modes, including Magic Chess, Brawl, Arcade, or Rank battles. The new logo reflects the many changes the game has undergone throughout the years, including the new Eruditio lore released this June, and is part of the graphics and art update.

Fresh changes to beloved heroes

Graphic and skill upgrades will be issued to the following Eruditio heroes – Layla, X.borg, Bruno, Johnson, Lolita, followed by Miya (non-Eruditio hero). For instance, Layla’s steampunk look has been reflected in a brighter outline, complete with a school outfit in line with the Eruditio lore and her high-tech weapon. The same follows for Lolita’s weapon, where her hammer showcases the Noumenon Energy Core at the center instead.

Lolita’s skill revamp will take effect in the upcoming patch, focused around the theme of ‘protection‘ – to make sacrifices for her teammates to ensure a certain victory!

Her full skill revamp details are as follows, and more details can also be found in this video as well:

Skills Overhaul (Close to final, not all skills are mentioned)

Before After (Please note that the localisation information provided is near final, does not include % or base stat 
Charge! (Skill 1) Power Charge:


The animation and effects for the skill has been optimized, and can now be used in conjunction with her second skill without interruptions. This helps Lolita become more agile in fights

Guardian’s Bulwark (Skill 2)

Lolita raises her shield to block all incoming ranged Basic Attacks and Projectiles from the target direction.

Use Again: Lolita launches a blast of energy in the target direction that explodes on the first enemy hit, dealing 300–500 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in the explosion range. Each blocked attack increases this damage by 35% (up to 210% damage increase).


Guardian’s Reflection:


Reflects long-ranged projectiles / attacks instead of merely blocking them. Her shield will break upon taking a certain amount of damage

Noumenon Energy Core (Passive):

After not taking damage for 5 seconds, Lolita gains a 400 (+40 × based on Hero Level) shield for 20 seconds.


Allied heroes who approach Lolita within the next few seconds will also receive a shield regardless of status.


Noumenon Energy Core (Passive):

Provides a shield for herself and all allied heroes within a set range, regardless of status at regular intervals.

Noumenon Blast (Ultimate)


Lolita gains the shield from her Passive effect and begins channeling, slowing enemies in a fan-shaped area by 75%. After channeling for 2 seconds, Lolita slams her hammer on the ground, dealing 350–650 (+100% Total Physical Attack))–700–1300 (+200% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in the same area and stunning them for 2 seconds. Use Again: Lolita stops channeling and immediately slams her hammer on the ground.

Noumenon Blast (Ultimate)


Lolita’s Ultimate now no longer requires full channeling to stun enemies, but stun duration and damage output is based on channeling duration



Tips Longer channeling time resonates in higher damage output and longer stun duration for Lolita’s Ultimate.

Apart from Lolita, Johnson players can also expect a skill revamp to be done in the upcoming patches. As S29’s story unfolds at Eruditio, greater emphasis is given to the heroes that are based there, and hence, Johnson’s skill revamp will take place in the upcoming patches to provide a consistent seasonal experience. Please refer to the near-final changes for Johnson’s ultimate below:

Before After (Please note that the localization information provided is near final, and does not include changes for Johnson’s Skill 1 2, or his Passive)
Rapid Touchdown


Johnson transforms into a car, accelerating over time. An allied hero can board the car during the acceleration phase, however, there is a waiting state upon activation of the Ultimate (prior to accelerating)



Johnson immediately gains acceleration upon activation of his Ultimate



Once Johnson starts driving and gets within 20 yards of his teammates, teammates will receive a notification such as, “Johnson is [x] m away from you.”


When Johnson is within 6 yards from his teammates, the notification will turn into a button, and party members are required to tap the button to get into the car.

Tips If Johnson is your party member, there will be an option for you to notify the player, including the message: “Calling Johnson for a ride.”


If the enemy team is using Johnson, there will be a message to notify you that: “Johnson is approaching, watch out.”

Refreshed UI changes to the game

The main screen UI enables players to interact with a seasonal hero of their choice (this season will feature the aforementioned Eruditio heroes only, e.g Layla), and learn a little about their characteristics, unique storylines, and even secrets! With this addition, there will be more hero voice lines (including Lolita and Johnson’s upcoming skill revamps).

This doesn’t apply to the main screen but post-match, too. Depending on the outcome of the battle mode, the selected character will issue out different kinds of praises or encouragement to players, even if you’re an MVP or SVP! Players can also unlock new voice lines or interactions as they continue to use their chosen hero, which will in turn, also unlock bonus scenes. There are four layers of bonus hero interactions – can you unlock them all?

New seasonal heroes will be featured in the main interface for upcoming patches. This season, Layla will be showcased as the first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero for novices. She acts as an instructor to help guide the newbies in their MLBB journey and to help familiarise them with some of the instructions and controls. This function serves to provide an immersive experience for all players and will not affect in-game performance. In the upcoming patch, players can expect reduced packaged resources to operate the game, streamlined multi-threading, and upgraded technical performance (dependent on the player phone model).

For more information on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, please refer to the following links below or download the game at the App Store and Play Store.