Multinational firm RELX launches responsible and safe vaping initiative in PH

Global Head of External Affairs Jonathan Ng

Multinational electronic cigarette company RELX International has recently launched in the county its major initiative to promote responsible and safe vaping practices. The company-wide effort dubbed RELX Pledge focuses on the protection of minors, consumers, and economic livelihood.

RELX Pledge is anchored on three key pillars—Guardian Program, Golden Shield, and Green Shoots. Each is aimed at achieving strategic goals and objectives that collectively comprise the fundamentals of RELX International.

“The RELX Pledge is designed to help introduce a new era of responsibility and safety in the vaping industry,” said RELX International Global Head of External Affairs Jonathan Ng during the launch of the initiative, which was facilitated simultaneously in countries where the company has established its presence.

“We genuinely hope it will provide a better future for everyone, meaning that only genuine RELX products—all produced to the highest and safest standards—are used by adult vapers or adults looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes,” Ng added.


Guardian Program

This component of RELX Pledge stretches from product development to sales. It also covers preventing and discouraging the use of vape products by minors through joint activities with retailers.

“Since our inception, youth prevention has been an integral part of RELX International’s core company values,” said RELX International Head of Marketing for the Middle East and North Africa Leina Chedid. The executive added that this initiative also supports legislations and regulations to help prevent minors from purchasing and using the brand’s products.


Golden Shield

RELX International is teaming up with different stakeholders to push for the elimination of counterfeit, contraband, and smuggled e-cigarette products in the market.

“RELX International ensures that its products are only manufactured to meet extremely high-quality standards with stringent inspection controls,” said Ng. “Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit RELX and other smuggled products of unknown content out there. We are working closely with investigation firms, e-commerce platforms, and local authorities to weed out such products from the market.”

Since January 2020, RELX’s Golden Shield has provided assistance to 20 cases and has removed more than 550,000 fake products from the market along with over 77,000 online sites promoting and selling such counterfeit items. The company has even worked with authorities in China to confiscate fake RELX products, some of which were supposed to be exported or smuggled to the Philippines.


Green Shoots

RELX International is giving back to the community through the Green Shoots initiative. The global firm has been backing small business owners and even aspiring entrepreneurs so they can bounce back to business during these trying times.

“As a company that grew from a startup ourselves, we understand the numerous challenges that small businesses encounter daily. Through the Green Shoots Program, we hope to share our experience and knowledge to help them get on the right track towards growth and success,” Ng explained.

Under this program, the company will roll out the RELX Academy, which is designed to sponsor courses curated by leading global universities on the edX platform to guide budding entrepreneurs so they could succeed in starting their own enterprises. It is currently in its initial phase in the country, where local franchisees receive up to ₱300,000 in grants. RELX International is also providing Academy participants with additional product support worth up to ₱1.7 million.


To know more about RELX Pledge, click this link.