Safeguard pushes for #SafeWash movement after an odd rap battle

What could be the most talked-about online rap battle of the year happened on October 15, 2020. After becoming a familiar ‘unwanted’ figure online, viral rapper Fred D’ Germ faced off with Team Safeguard in an exchange of hand hygiene rhymes to the tune of sick beats.

Fred D’ Germ had rapper Shanti Dope while Team Safeguard had Loonie, Ron Henley, and Shehyee for ‘The Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day.’ Another rap sensation, Gloc-9, served as the judge. The online show was hosted by Luis Manzano and with Rufa Mae Quinto and Mimiyuuuh as co-hosts.

After the event, the #SafeWash Movement has gained more interest among more Filipino netizens. This campaign has been prompting its followers to proudly post photos and videos of them practicing proper hand hygiene and convincing their friends and loved ones to follow suit.

This entire Fred D’ Germ and Raprapan battle events are part of Safeguard’s commitment to increase safer and proper handwashing practices amid the pandemic. With high hopes, Safeguard continues its mission to put an end to the ‘Pwede Na’ handwashing habits. This is to ensure that each Filipino family will always be 99.99% safe against germs that cause health issues.

You can watch the ‘Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day’ show through this link.