Smart rolls out fast, free, and secure WiFi service in Antipolo City

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has rolled out fast, free, and secure WiFi service in Antipolo City. The wireless unit of giant telco firm PLDT now makes key government offices and public places (Antipolo City Hall, Plaza, and Public Market) connected to the internet through its Smart WiFi.

At the same time, the wireless internet service provider is bringing its fast and reliable fiber-powered WiFi connectivity to barangay residents without any cost through its Smart Barangay Connect program, which covers all barangays in the city.

“Connectivity is crucial, especially now that we rely on the internet for everything, whether it’s a student engaging in online learning, an employee working from home, or an entrepreneur running their online business,” said Antipolo City Mayor Andrea Ynares during the signing rite between the city government and Smart at the Antipolo City Hall. “This partnership takes us one step closer to our aspiration of elevating Antipolo City further and making it a truly modern and connected city.”

Smart is also giving away pocket WiFi devices to Antipolo indigent students, who need to obtain connectivity through the network’s 4G/LTE and 5G services (Smart has recently established several 5G sites across the area).

“We are in a unique position to address the evolving needs of our customers in the new normal, and WiFi is among the key solutions we are deploying to make our services simpler and more accessible to as many Filipinos as possible,” said Smart Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Wireless Business Jane Basas.

“We are looking forward to continue working with the city in more environment, education, and livelihood initiatives that will enable their citizens to generate more lasting positive impact in their respective communities,” Basas added.

Aside from the free connectivity initiatives, Smart has also been supporting programs to rehabilitate the Marikina Watershed, which has a part located in Antipolo City. Additionally, Smart has been working with the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, the government, and the private sector to provide livelihood to some people living within the watershed areas. It has also been encouraging its employees to join tree-planting and reforestation projects in the area.