Promo: Sony offers up to P15,000 discount on content creation items

Sony RX100M3

Sony is offering a wide range of special discounts for its top-of-the-line cameras and lenses this month (June 2020). Take this as the brand’s initiative to adhere to the new normal while providing quality equipment particularly for content creators who are aiming to remain productive and creative while being locked down at home.

Sony’s Content Creation essentials promos offer special discounts and freebies for its vlogging lineup. If you are still new to vlogging and are searching for a budget-friendly option, you can now avail the RX100M3 for only P32,999 complete with free 16GB SD card and VCT-SGR1 vlogging grip.

Make wonderful moments for your vlogs with Sony’s HandyCams HDR-PJ675 for only P32,999 and the HDR-PJ440 for P20,99 that comes with a free 16GB SD card, LCS-U21 camera bag, and VCT-R640 vlogging grip.

Professional photographers and videographers who are looking for ways to make remote work possible will be happy to know that they can get as much as P15,000 discount on the latest Sony A7RIV now for only P184,999. With the new normal, photographers, videographers, and studio owners need tools in place to remain productive.

Aside from those world-class cameras, save up to P15,000 or get a 12-month, 0% interest installment on these select all-around Sony lenses perfect for when you want to capture something from your own space or if you have a unique photography mission. May it be just in your garden, from your room, or out in our new world, you can capture it with a whole new perspective.




The Sony Content Creation essentials promo lasts from June 3 to 30, 2020.