TikTok rolls out #AttackOnTitan Challenge on its app

It is definitely TikTok’s turn to collaborate with comics and TV animation hit ‘Attack on Titan’! The short-form video platform has recently announced a collaboration project for ‘Attack on Titan The Final Season.’ This is expected to give the fans of both the comic and the animé series something more to look forward to.

To kick off this collaboration, TikTok has launched the #AttackOnTitan Challenge on its platform. From April 16 until May 31, 2021, three various TikTok effects from the animé’s popular characters and scenes are up and available for TikTok users to play around with.

To join #AttackOnTitan Challenge, follow the official Attack on Titan TikTok account before posting a video using any of the three original effects. Use the hashtag #AttackOnTitan.

During the promo period (April 16 to May 31), five winners will be picked to win special gifts. One winner will receive a GARRACK with Attack on Titan Collab Watch. Another will win an Attack on Titan Survey Corps cloak, while three winners will have Attack on Titan official tote bags.

TV animated series Attack on Titan The Final Season episode 76 (‘Judgement’) will premiere on Japanese channel NHK General this winter.