3 easy ways to optimize your Wi-Fi connection at home

It is not enough to subscribe to a good and reliable broadband plan if you want strong Wi-Fi connection in every area and corner of your home. Your choice of a router and its strategic positioning would also be important.

Observe the following tips if you aim to maximize and optimize Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

1. Choose a strategic site where you would install your router.
Concrete walls, doors, mirrors, and other fixtures could weaken Wi-Fi signal. Thus, choose a strategic location where you would install your router to prevent any obstruction from affecting connection with your devices.

It would be ideal to put it in a central location to ensure even distribution of signal. If possible, install it in an open space (more ideally on an elevated platform). Keep it away from aquariums, water containers, or other bodies of water inside your home. Also remember that connection would be weaker if you use your device farther from the router so stay close to it if you prefer a better browsing experience.


2. Disconnect devices from Wi-Fi network when they are not being used.
To ensure a more stable connection, disconnect from your Wi-Fi network all devices that are not being used. Too many devices connected at the same time to your Wi-Fi at home could slow down your internet speed. Moreover, every connected device, even when not being used, uses a portion of your overall bandwidth allocation.

3. Use Wi-Fi extenders.
Invest in Wi-Fi extenders if you want reliable Wi-Fi connection to fully cover your home, especially if it is a huge one. If you are subscribed to Globe At Home, you could avail of its AirTies Wi-Fi Mesh, which is designed to extend Wi-Fi coverage and eliminate dead spots throughout your home.

Call the Globe Tech Squad, Globe At Home’s tech service team, to avail AirTies Wi-Fi Mesh and have it installed in your house. This Wi-FI extender can be availed through two payment options. You could shoulder an upfront payment of P3,600 or pay P150 per month for 24 months (charged to your Globe At Home plan monthly bill).