A quick look at Uniqlo and JW ANDERSON 2022 Spring/Summer collection

Uniqlo has announced the March 18 launch of the Uniqlo and JW ANDERSON 2022 Spring/Summer collection. The upcoming line is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Japanese apparel retailer and the London-based contemporary fashion brand.

This year’s collection takes inspiration from the rich heritage of British sailing and seaside culture, capping the concept of At Home with the Sea. It also combined the evolution of simplicity and quality of LifeWear with JW ANDERSON’s playful craftsmanship.

“The sea has been integral to my life ever since I was a child. It inspired this collection, and I hope people enjoy incorporating this maritime styling in their wardrobes,” said designer Jonathan Anderson.

The upcoming lineup features shirts, caps, and socks with embroidered sailboats in playful hues, as well as knot dresses and yacht parkas that look great against the blue backdrops of the sea and sky. It combines water repellency, mesh fabrics, and other functional elements that are typical of Uniqlo with the signature elements of JW ANDERSON as patchwork and asymmetry deliver comfort and design.

The lineup includes 12 items for women, 10 items for men, and 4 accessories. Color blocking and borders contribute a touch of contrast and feature hues from nature, including oceanic blues, beige from the shores, and vivid reds and greens, for a relaxing seaside look.


Pricing Item



₱1,990 – ₱3,990


₱1,490 – ₱2,490


₱1,990 – ₱2,490


₱1,490 – ₱1,990

Cut & sewn items

₱990 – ₱1,990


₱990 – ₱1,990

Uniqlo and JW ANDERSON first collaborated for the Fall/Winter collection in 2017. JW ANDERSON was established in 2008 by Nothern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson, whose label is now considered as among London’s most forward-thinking and innovative brands.

Check out Uniqlo and JW ANDERSON’s special site here.