UK study finds vaping as most effective method to quit smoking

E-cigarette use of vaping is far more effective than any other nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) method in helping smokers quit the habit. This was the conclusion of an October 2020 published study of Cochrane, a UK-based international charitable organization consisting of health professionals, researchers, and scientists from more than 130 nations.

The original study analyzed randomized controlled trials (RCT) that provided the most reliable evidence of treatment. It was found that more people managed to stop smoking for at least 6 months through using nicotine e-cigarettes as compared to other nicotine replacement therapies. Those e-cigarettes were found to be effective than when there is no support or only behavioral support was extended to smokers.

Traditional NRT methods include nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges which were for a very long time believed to be the most effective way for heavy smokers to finally quit. E-cigarettes have subsequently emerged as a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report released in early 2020, tobacco continues to kill more than 50% of its users globally with a death toll of over 8 million people a year, while around 1.2 million are indirectly affected from the exposure to second-hand smoke. The number consistently increases every year with 80% of the globe’s 1.3 million tobacco users coming from low and middle-income countries.

Many countries worldwide have already acknowledged the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in helping smokers quit the habit. Those nations include the UK, New Zealand, and Canada. In such countries, vaping specific laws have been enacted to professionalize this industry and to make sure smokers have proper access to the products.