3 issues to be tackled in upcoming ‘Contact Islands’ conference for BPOs

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is all set for Contact Islands, an annual industry conference that is scheduled this October 11 and 12, 2017 at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa in Boracay Island.

This year, the event will adopt the theme ‘The Future of Customer Experience,’ highlighting vital trends that pose impact to the industry like artificial intelligence, robotics, analytics, and emerging technologies.

Another highlight of the conference will be the white paper presentation of The Everest Group, a Texas-based global consulting and research company, which is the knowledge partner of CCAP for Contact Islands. The paper is entitled ‘Philippines at the Helm of Delivering Customer Experience of the Future.’

This important BPO event will serve as a timely and productive forum for industry executives and professionals, underscoring numerous issues hounding their environment. However, the event will focus on these three important concerns:

Impact of modern technology on jobs
“The nature of work will continue to change, the same way it has changed over generations,” said CCAP President Jojo Uligan. “Rules-based, transactional type of work will be the first to be automated. This is already happening today.”

Thus, Uligan emphasized the need for local BPO staff to develop new competencies like technology proficiency, problem-solving and analytical skills, and deep industry or domain expertise. Doing so, he said, would equip them in taking more complex, interesting, and judgment-based work.

Uligan also disagrees with the popular notion that new technologies might make some jobs redundant. “I don’t think we should focus the debate on whether jobs will be lost with the emergence of these technologies. Jobs are being transformed and our focus now is the investment needed in up-skilling our people.” He also revealed that the industry would continue working more closely with the government to upgrade Filipinos’ professional competency.

CCAP Chairman Benedict Hernandez and CCAP President Jojo Uligan

Customer experience transformation
“The Philippines continues to be a leader in delivering outstanding customer experience to its customers around the globe,” said CCAP Chairman Benedict Hernandez. “Our clients have started to look at us to help them re-imagine and enable their customer experience strategy in the digital age. These are exciting times for our industry.”

Local companies are noted for being early adopters and innovators in the use of technology. Armed with the industry’s over two decades of expertise in clients’ businesses, the Filipinos’ unique service culture, and the young and adaptive workforce, our BPO firms are best positioned as global enablers for much needed customer experience transformation.

The industry is also poised to take advantage of analytics to understand clients’ customers and how to best manage them. “It will allow us to do so much more than we used to do as a contact center industry,” Hernandez explained. “The Philippines has always been a leader when it comes to customer satisfaction so we want to make sure that we keep that leading edge position globally as we transform customer experience using all digital tools.”

Relevant issues affecting the industry
Contact Islands will gather about 300 business and thought leaders from the public and private sectors that are involved in the industry. “It is a gathering of executives wherein people, technology, and processes are brought together to bring that ultimate customer experience,” said Uligan.

“With Contact Islands, we’re not just promoting the capabilities of the Filipinos but also the Philippines as a destination where you can do business and leisure at the same time,” he added.


Contact the CCAP Secretariat Office at +63 2 843-0603 or send an email to events@ccap.ph for registration and sponsorship inquiries.

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