Will you swap your takeout ‘ulam’ with roasted chicken for free?

Chooks-to-Go has formed a special team that would roam around the metro and key cities across the country to offer an ‘ulam’ swap to those they would spot carrying takeout food.

Recently, at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, its team headed by mascots Chikoy and Tom Crew approached some families having midday picnic at the park to offer to swap their packed food for the healthier, juicier, and more delicious Chooks-to-Go roasted chicken. Most of those families were initially surprised but readily accepted the offer, all of them citing the savory aroma for their decision.

In Caloocan City, the team randomly chose customers of eateries in some neighborhoods to offer them the ulam swap so they can bring home a more delicious treat for their families. Watch out as the team may soon drop by your community for this ulam swap offer.


Kayo mga Ka-Chooks, anong gagawin niyo kung sa inyo mangyari ito? 😶

Nai-post ni Chooks-to-Go noong Sabado, Agosto 12, 2017


The roasted chicken chain’s new campaign is aimed at reminding consumers that they can always opt to bring home oven-roasted chicken, which could be an awesome ulam for their families to enjoy at home. Chooks-to-Go also wants to emphasize that its chicken does not require any sauce because it already is tasty after being marinated in its own special way.

Are you always busy that you usually have no time to cook your lunch or dinner at home? There’s no excuse to enjoy a sumptuous meal at home. Take out oven-roasted chicken from any of Chooks-to-Go’s more than a thousand rotisseries outlets across the country.