D1 Milano brings limited-edition KODACHROME watch to PH

What do a watch and the photographic film have in common? The answer: they unite time frames through the capturing of moments and storytelling. These elements are physically reuniting through D1 Milano’s KODACHROME Analog Watch Limited Edition.

The Italian premium watchmaker has unveiled and launched the special limited edition watch, which was meticulously designed and developed in collaboration and under a licensing agreement with the iconic American brand KODAK.

“We try to interpret what was in the past in a modern way,” said D1 Milano Founder and CEO Dario Spallone during an exclusive digital premiere of the special collection on September 29, 2020. “We remain straightforward as we look into the future, but we still appreciate the past. We wanted to make a beautiful watch, with the right price—a cool watch that is young and at the same time nostalgic.”

The KODACHROME Analog Watch took inspiration from the revolutionary KODAK BROWNIE Holiday Edition Camera (1954—1962). The limited-edition watch serves as a tribute to this particular KODAK camera that first introduced the snapshot, renowned for its simplicity and accessibility.


Doing things differently

The name was carefully selected as well, this time to pay tribute to the first successful color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak Company in 1935. This is an obvious effort to connect the history of vintage cameras and rollers.

“We cannot just say we are different. We have to do things differently,” Spallone said. The young watch designer also disclosed that this collaboration is more of a ‘personal thing.’ He said aside from actually showing the market what D1 Milano is all about, this partnership, along with all other collaborations that will be launched in the future, will have to be a part of the brand’s culture and evolution.

“D1 Milano is offering an experience. How we sell it, where we sell it, how we communicate it—it is all about these things put together. We have to make sure people understand what is behind our brand and designs,” Spallone further explained.

It feels like having the classic Kodak box from yesteryears.

Focus on the details

The way the two brands are unified is evident all over the KODACHROME Analog Watch. The focus is on the details, as showcased by the unique dial referencing a camera lens. The black polycarbonate contrasts the red and yellow dials—reflecting the playful soul of Kodak as a legendary brand, while still showcasing D1 Milano’s DNA.

The Polycarbon analog watch features a metal bezel in a black PVD finish. The 40.5mm-diameter case comprises of polycarbonate material with a soft-touch finish. The glass dial features a convex lens on the date, which is identified to the lenses inherent to KODAK Cameras. The model has a water resistance of up to 5 ATM.

To deliver the promise of a unique experience, the packaging is assembled to recreate the nostalgic feeling of unboxing a camera. The KODACHROME Analog Watch is contained in a logo-engraved aluminum cylinder—an innovation drawn from past film canisters. Alongside it is a disposable KODAK Single Use Camera, another collaboration between the two brands that can easily be a collector’s item.

D1 Milano Philippines Marketing Head Manuel Dacanay said the KODACHROME Analog Watch Limited Edition is now available, initially online through https://d1milano.com/. The special collection watch will possibly hit local D1 Milano stores if the stocks allotted to the Philippines do not sell out online in the coming days. The tag price is at $255/€230.