How the new-normal-workplace can transition to a future-ready work setup

(Edited Press Release)

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has fundamentally altered the world as we know it. While short-term mitigation efforts continue, brands and businesses need to understand what happens next. What will the coming months bring? How deep a recession can we expect, and when will recovery come? Which behaviors and attitudes will suddenly come to the fore and what will the new normal look like?

To help people navigate the new workplace, let’s take a look at some of the behaviors that are likely to remain in place in a post-Covid-19 world:

1. A virtual workforce
Fortunately, long before the pandemic came, modern technology has already been available to support flexible working. Thanks to messaging platforms like Slack, Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams, remote working options are now readily available for everyone.

Logically adaptability in the current era of digital transformation is critical. As companies prepare to make remote working the new normal, our reliance on technology is now stronger than ever, with teams of individuals now having to learn to collaborate, operate, and communicate virtually. Even when the economy recovers, remote working could still be a fixture in the contemporary working culture.

Among the biggest benefits of the virtual working setup is cost savings. Companies take advantage of reduced expenses for rental and on-premise technology spends. For the employees, they no longer need to commute going to the office.

2. Distance learning
The closure of universities and schools globally has affected over 363 million students so far, according to data from the UNESCO. Consequently, the education sector is forced to turn to online learning plans with the use of technology necessary for conducting classes on digital platforms, without compromising learning outcomes.

Educators now face the challenge of making online learning sessions more fun and engaging. The student-centric approach to distance learning is becoming universal. From recorded lectures, live streaming, self-help guides, to virtual consultations, educators are constantly striving to still help students absorb lessons.

3. E-commerce as a way of life
The age of new shopping habits has come. In Singapore, sales of health and wellness products have been continuously rising since the outbreak—an indication of a long-term shift towards healthier product categories. Across the Southeast Asian region, online grocery vendors have been experiencing a surge in orders as more consumers prefer to stay indoors and order groceries online.

Thus, the online shopping trend seems to be here to stay. The pandemic is accelerating new e-commerce behaviors as consumers become more accustomed to the various online platforms and continue to make purchases online, probably after a cure or vaccine to Covid-19 is found.


Essential products for the changing world

As everyone takes work or school home, there is a need to invest in essential hardware products like scanners or printers. The Epson EcoTank series helps businesses be more efficient and sustainable in the long run due to the low running costs. An EcoTank printer features a large ink tank that produces high page yield, allowing users to get more printouts in B7W and color. Users are assured of productivity with the EcoTank’s spill-free ink bottles that are affordably priced, delivering more savings and less waste than replacing ink cartridges and toners frequently.

Furthermore, the availability of a document scanner at home can help professionals scan various paper documents and connect wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as online cloud storage accounts. Epson scanners use modern technology to digitally archive vital documents and information quickly, efficiently, and productively.

To help individuals transit seamlessly from working to enjoying entertainment during downtime in the same space, the use of a home projector can help provide dual benefits as it can be used to display clear and easy-to-read presentations, as well as state-of-the-art video and movie viewing.

During these unprecedented times, the future of work is changing rapidly and businesses need to be prepared. Epson has a range of products that address the changing world with sustainability and customer engagement evident in the design, optimizing time, resources, and cost to help organizations on the journey into the new normal.