SunSmart Solar Power Technology energizes remote barangays

(Press Release)

Officials of SunSmart Solar Power Technology Inc. recently met with the Women Institute for Social Enterprise in support of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC)’s whole-of-nation approach in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace.

“I would say that it is no coincidence to have met the esteemed group of Women Institute for Social Enterprise advocating for Peace Governance and Poverty Reduction through the creation of Sustainable Livelihood and Employment,” said SunSmart president Jenny Lin G. Maaño.

“When they addressed to me their CSR Program to donate Solar Street lighting systems for these formerly conflicted areas that will serve as the light to encompass a road of peace and safety, I immediately expressed my voluntary contribution on behalf of SunSmart that we will also donate our i-MoGen Solar Power Generator Systems to provide clean electricity source for basic appliances in their common facility such as the barangay hall or multipurpose hall where people can always get to gather or serve others,” Maaño further noted.

This way, Maaño explained that the facility can provide access to basic lightings, computer/ laptop/wi-fi router, TV monitor, electric fan, printer, mobile gadget charging station or enough to at least make them experience that aside from a road that is bright, they have access to FREE ELECTRICITY that is mobile, portable and simplified that they can easily adapt with.

“This collaboration we had with W.I.S.E brought us to a mutual mission fulfilling a shared vision of SunSmart advocacy of E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S which stands for Elevating Livelihood, Empowering Mankind, Engaging Nature Through Sustainability,” Maaño enthused.

She revealed that the beneficiaries of these Integrated Solar Street lighting systems and Intelligent Solar Power Generator Stations are the following barangays:

  1. Brgy. Sacasacan, Sadanga, Mt. Province,
  2. Brgy. Tacayan, Tapas, Capiz,
  3. Brgy. Goma, Digos City Davao Del Sur,
  4. Brgy. San Antonio, Milagros, Masbate,
  5. Brgy. Lamfugan, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato,
  6. Brgy. Daja Daku, San Isidro, Leyte

SunSmart Solar Power Technology is known for its niche integrated, mobile and smart solar power + potable water + ice and cold storage + charging and UPS stations serving primarily off-grid areas.

SunSmart showcased its actual solar hybrid power systems and solutions to the NSC NTF ELCAC its small scale intelligent portable solar power generators (i-MoGen) to medium scale mobile integrated solar power + potable water + cold storage + ice maker + UPS + charging station (iPower Cube) , large scale (i-Smart Solar Hybrid Mini Grid) Power Station to infinite  (iSmartBlack ) Solar PV Rooftops or Solar Farms  Green Power Solutions.

SunSmart also demonstrated as well as their latest (iSmart Solar Broadcast) Streetlighting System integrated with 360 degrees CCTV Monitoring + Real Time / Recorded Audio Broadcast + Smart Weather Sensors + Emergency Alarms + GPS & AP Hotspot + USB Charging + LED Street Lighting which is an enhancement or in addition to their integrated and hybrid (i-Solar Street Lighting) Systems.

i-Mogen, i-Power Cube, i-Smart Mini Grid, i-SmartBlack, i-Solar Broadcast, i-Solar Streetlights are Smart Solar Hybrid Solutions exclusive brand series of green innovation technology of SunSmart. it always has the i in front as it means – integrated, intelligent and infinite since the systems are decentralized and scalable in application features.