3 easy steps to a healthier lifestyle

Days could be very hectic and exhilarating but do not let your busy schedule affect the quality of your life. Take a break once in a while to recharge your system (mind and body).

Having a healthy lifestyle despite the daily grind could be surprisingly easy. Here are three quick and effective steps to squeeze in healthier habits each day.

Start your wellness initiative right.
It is not advisable to impulsively get into the latest fitness and diet craze. Before getting into any wellness program, consult with the experts first to start the initiative strategically and properly.

To begin with, you can use any of the free tools that are currently available online. You can assess you present health status and formulate your strategies from there. One of the available free tools you can check out is Philam Vitality Active, which facilitates quick assessment of a user’s health status and recommends corresponding physical activities to achieve improvements.

Philam Vitality program could further guide you get into a total wellness journey. Simply activate your Philam Vitality membership, access various health checks online, and claim discounts to basic and selected services from medical partners like Hi-Precision Diagnostics and the Makati Medical Center.

Start moving.
Start living an active lifestyle. Physical exercises should not be tedious and time-consuming. You may start with quick 10-minute workouts, doing planks or crunches while streaming entertainment via iflix, or jogging around your village. Make moving around and getting physical your routine to train your muscle mind for it.

If you are a BPI-Philam policyholder, you can sign up for Philam Vitality membership and enjoy preferential rates when accessing or buying active lifestyle brands—get 70% off on your elite membership at Gold’s Gym or take 25% discount when you buy regular priced items at Toby’s as well as selected fitness tracking devices from Garmin.

Earn rewards points.
Your Philam Vitality membership will entitle you to earn rewards points that could be redeemed for treats, freebies, and discounts on cinema tickets, theme parks, airline bookings, and hotel accommodations.

Plus, you can earn an upfront 20% added coverage on your premium on the first year. That can increase by up to 50% if you sustain an active lifestyle and upgrade your Philam Vitality status.

Philam Vitality, a health and wellness program from BPI-Philam, encourages consumers to get the best life has to offer through living a healthier lifestyle. To know more about it, visit its website.